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Adam and Eve Yard, St Benedict's St
Addison's Yard, Magdalen St
Agricultural Hall Plain
Alderson Place, Queen's Rd
All Saints Alley, Westlegate
All Saints Green
Alms Lane, St George's St
Anglia Square
Arabian Horse Yard, Oak St
The Avenues
Aylsham Rd


Back of the Inns
Bagley's Court, Pottergate
Bakers Rd
Baldwin's Yard, Oak St
Bank Plain
Bank St
Bargate Court, Barrack St
Barn Rd
Barrack St
Barrett Rd
Barwell's Court, St Stephen's St
Bath House Yard, Oak St
Bayfield's Yard, Magdalen St
Bear and Staff Yard, Fishers Lane, Pottergate
Beckwith's Court, Quayside
Bedford St
Beehive Yard, St Martin's Palace Plain
Bell Avenue
Belvoir St
Ber St
Bethel St
Bishop Bridge Rd
Black Boys Yard, Colegate
Blakeley's Yard, Pitt St
Borrow's Court, Willow Lane
Botolph St
Boulton St, Rose Lane
Boundary Rd
Bowthorpe Hall Rd
Bowthorpe Rd
Bridewell Alley
Britannia Rd
Browne's Court, St Stephen's St
Bull Close Rd
Bull Lane
Bull's Head Yard, Ber St
Burrell's Yard, Colegate
Burrell's Yard, St George's St


Calvert St
Canary Way
Carrow Hill
Carrow Rd
Castle Gardens
Castle Mall
Castle Meadow
Castle St
Catherine Wheel Opening, St Augustine's St
Cattermoul's Yard, Pitt St
Cattlemarket St
The Chantry, Theatre St
Chantry Court, Theatre St
Chapel Field East
Chapel Field North
Chapel Field Rd
Chapel Loke, Surrey St
Chapel St
Chapel Yard, Botolph St
Charing Cross
Cherry Lane, Pitt St
Church Alley, Redwell St
Church Avenue Eaton
Church Lane Eaton
City Rd
Clarke's Yard, St Swithin's Alley
Clement Court, Redwell St
The Close
Coach and Horses Yard, Bethel St
Coburg St
Cock Yard, St Giles' St
Cogman's Yard, Ber St
Colman Rd
Constitution Hill
Cooper Lane
Coslany St
Cow Hill
Cow Yard, Cow Hill
The Crescent
Cross Lane
Crown Court Yard, Elm Hill
Crown Rd


Damoclese Court, Pottergate
Daniels Rd
Davey Place
Denmark Opening, Sprowston Rd
Dereham Rd
Dial Yard, Oak St
Dog Yard, Oak St
Drake's Court, St George's St
Drayton Rd
Duck Lane
Duke St
Dutton's Court, Elm Hill


Earlham Grove
Earlham Rd
Eaton St
Ebenezer Terrace, Sussex St
Eleanor Rd
Elm Hill
Emms Yard, Pottergate
Exchange St


Factory Yard, Cowgate
Factory Yard, Whitefriars
Farmers Avenue
Farnell's Court, St John's Alley
Farrow Rd
Field's Yard, Ber St
Fishers Lane, Pottergate
Flower in Hand Yard, Heigham St
Flower Pot Yard, Oak St
Flowers Court, Wensum St
Fyebridge St


Gas Hill
George Yard, St Stephen's St
Gilling's Yard, Magdalen St
Gipsy Lane
Globe Yard, Heigham St
Goat Yard, Oak St
Golden Ball St
Golden Dog Lane
Grapes Hill
Grapes Yard, Colegate
Green's Yard, St Benedict's St
Grove Rd
Grove Walk
Guardian Rd
Guildhall Hill, Market Place
Gun Wharf, St George's St
Gurney Court, Magdalen St
Gurney Rd


Hacon's Yard, Magdalen St
Hales Court, St Giles' St
Hall Rd
Hannent's Yard, St Benedict's St
Hardley Cross
Hardy Rd
Harvey Lane
Heartsease Lane
Heigham Grove
Heigham Rd
Heigham St
Hellesdon Mill Lane
Hellesdon Rd
Holl's Yard, Oak St
Hook's Yard, Colegate
Hospital Lane
Hurd Rd


Ice House Lane
Ipswich Rd


Jenkins Lane
Jessopp Rd


Kerrison's Yard, Queen St
Kett's Hill
Key and Castle Yard, Oak St
King St
King's Head Yard, Magdalen St
Knox Rd
Koblenz Avenue


Labour in Vain Yard, Market Place
Lady's Lane
Lakenham Rd
Lamb Inn Yard, Orford Place
Lamb Yard, Ber St
Lanes Yard, King St
Light Horseman Yard, Barrack St
Ling's Court, Magdalen St
Lion and Castle Yard, Timberhill
Little Bethel St
Little Bull Close
Lobster Lane
London St
London Terrace, St Stephen's Rd
Loose's Yard, Magdalen St
Lord Camden Yard, Charing Cross
Low Rd Hellesdon
Lower Goat Lane
Lowes Yard, Calvert St
Lowe's Yard, St George's St
Low's Yard, St Giles' St
Loyalty Court, St Stephen's St


Magdalen Rd
Magdalen St
Magpie Rd
Malthouse Rd
Mancroft Yard, St Peter's St
Mandell's Court, Princes St
Mansfield Lane
Mariners Lane
Market Avenue
Market Lane
Market Place
The Market, Market Place
Martineau Lane
Mason's Court, Ber St
Midland St
Mile Cross Rd
Mile End Rd
Monastery Yard, Elm Hill
Montcalm Rd
Mousehold Avenue
Mousehold Lane
Murrell's Yard, King St
Museum Court, St Andrew's St
Muspole St


Nelson St
New Mills Yard
New Yard, Magdalen St
Newmarket Rd
Ninham's Court, Bethel St
Norton's Yard, Heigham St


Oak St
Octagon Court, Calvert St
Old Bank of England Court, Queen St
Old Barge Yard, King St
Old Brew Yard, Oak St
Old Grove Court
Old Post Office Court, Castle St
Old Post Office Yard, Bedford St
Opie St
Orford Hill
Orford Place
Orford St
Orford Yard, Red Lion St
Oxford St


Palace St
Park Lane
Peacock St
Pigg Lane
Pilling Park Rd
Pitt St
Plough Yard, St Benedict's St
Plumbers' Arms Alley, Princes St
Plumstead Rd
Pope's Head Yard, St Peter's St
Prince of Wales Rd
Princes St
Pull's Ferry, The Close
Pye's Yard, St Martin's Palace Plain


Quakers Lane
Quebec Rd
Queen's Rd
Queen St


Rackham's Court, St Peter's St
Ragged School Yard, Oak St
Rampant Horse St
Rayners Yard, King St
Recorder Rd
Red Lion St
Red Lion Yard, Eaton St
Redwell St
Reeve's Yard, St Benedict's St
Rider Haggard Rd
Rigby's Court, St Giles' St
Rising Sun Lane
River Lane, Barrack St
Riverside Rd
Riverside Walk, Riverside
Roaches Court, Elm Hill
Rosary Rd
Rose Lane
Rose Yard, St Augustine's St
Rosemary Lane
Rouen Rd
Royal Arcade
Royal Oak Yard, Oak St
Russell St
Ryrie Court, Unthank Rd


Saddler's Yard, Oak St
St Andrew's Hall Plain
St Andrew's Hill
St Andrew's St
St Augustine's St
St Benedict's Alley, St Benedict's St
St Benedict's Back Lane
St Benedict's St
St Catherine's Plain, Queen's Rd
St Clement's Alley
St Clement's Hill
St Crispin's Rd
St Faith's Lane
St George's Alley, St George's St
St George's St
St Giles' St
St Giles' Terrace, Bethel St
St Gregory's Alley
St John Maddermarket
St John's Alley
St Julian's Alley
St Lawrence Lane, Pottergate
St Leonard's Rd
St Martin at Oak Wall Lane
St Martin's Lane
St Martin's Palace Plain
St Martin's Rd
St Mary's Alley, St Mary's Plain
St Mary's Plain
St Miles Alley
St Peter's St
St Saviour's Alley, St Saviour's Lane
St Saviour's Lane
St Stephen's Back St
St Stephen's Church Lane
St Stephen's Plain
St Stephen's Rd
St Stephen's St
St Swithin's Alley
Salhouse Rd
Sandy Lane
Scholars Court, Oak St
Scoles Green
Shave's Yard, Colegate
Ship Yard, Cowgate
Ship Yard, King St
Silver Rd
Somerleyton St
South Park Avenue
Southgate Lane, King St
Southwell Rd
Springfield's Court, St Martin's Lane
Sprowston Rd
Stamp Office Yard, St Andrew's St
Station Rd
Stepping Lane
Stoke Rd
Stonemason's Court, St Augustine's St
Stranger's Court, Pottergate
Stuart Court, Recorder Rd
Suffolk Arms Yard, Oak St
Suffolk St
Surrey St
Sussex St
Swan Lane
Swan Yard, King St
Sweet Briar Rd
Synagogue St


Talbot Square, Oak St
Telegraph Lane
Ten Bell Lane
Theatre St
Thompson's Yard, Fishergate
Thorn Lane
Thoroughfare Yard, Magdalen St
Thorpe Rd
Three King Lane, St Benedict's St
Three Tuns Yard, King St
Tollgate Way
Tombland Alley, Tombland
Trinity St
Trowse Bypass
Trowse Millgate
Trowse Yard, Ten Bell Lane
Tuck's Court, St Giles' St
Tuns Yard, Oak St
Turner Rd
Turner's Court, St Benedict's St


Union St
University, Earlham Rd
Unthank Rd
Upper Goat Lane
Upper King St


Valley Drive


Wades Court, St Stephen's St
Wall Rd
Waterloo Park Avenue
Waterman's Yard, Westwick St
Waterworks Rd
Waterworks Yard, Surrey St
Watts' Court, Bethel St
Weavers Lane, Haymarket
Websdale's Court, Bedford St
Wellington Lane
Wensum St
West Pottergate
Westwick St
Wheatsheaf Yard, St Stephen's St
Wherry Rd
White Horse Yard, Magdalen St
White Lion St
White Lion Yard, Magdalen St
White Lion Yard, St Benedict's St
White Swan Inn Yard, St Peter's St
Whitlingham Lane
William Booth St
Willow Lane
Windmill Alley, Ber St
Windmill Rd, Sprowston Rd
Woodcock Rd
Wounded Hart Lane, St Peter's St
Wright's Court, Elm Hill


York Alley, White Lion St

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