Norwich Street Photographs

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Knox Rd:
        From Plumstead Rd
Knox Rd H M Prison [6511] 1988-08-17
Opened 2nd August 1887, designed by the Surveyor to the Prison dept and built by W. and T.Denne of Walmer Kent.

Koblenz Avenue:
        From Carrow Rd / Wherry Rd to Riverside
Canary Way
Koblenz Avenue Morrisons Riverside site [7644] 1999-06-30
Koblenz Avenue car park Riverside site [7645] 1999-06-30
Multistorey car park under construction.

Lady's Lane:
        Formerly from Bethel St to Theatre St

      West side
Lady's Lane 9 [1325] 1936-08-26
Lady's Lane 11 Georgian doorway after fire [4060] 1952-03-14
Medical Institute Georgian doorway revealed following fire on 4th January 1952.
Lady's Lane 11 Medical Institute [2727] 1938-08-22
Lady Lane (or Lady's Lane) connected Bethel St and Theatre St, across what is now the site of the Forum. On the west side of the lane, stood a large Regency-style mansion adapted for use by the Medical Institute. This institute, founded in 1872 by certain courts and lodges of friendly societies, finally closed its doors just before the beginning of the National Health Service. The house was then acquired by the Michelin Tyre Company, but was accidentally burned down during the night of 4th January 1952.
Lady's Lane west side Jasmine House [4558] 1960-06-23
        East side
Lady's Lane 10 [1333] 1936-08-27
Lady's Lane St Peter's Methodist chapel [3837] 1949-10-14
Facing the Medical Institute across the lane was the Lady Lane Methodist Chapel, built in 1824. The Norfolk Chronicle of that year recorded how on 1st January a public meeting at the Calvert St chapel decided to erect a second Wesleyan chapel in Norwich. A subscription was thereupon opened and £600 contributed. On April 14th the foundation stone of the new Lady Lane chapel was laid by the Rev William Gilpin, superintendent of the Norwich circuit, and the building was opened for worship on 21st October of the same year by the Rev R. Newton, president of the Methodist Conference, and others.
The architect for the building was John T.Patience, of whom it has been said that he must have been a man of considerable diplomacy since he was also responsible for the Friends' Meeting House in Upper Goat Lane in 1825 and the Roman Catholic Chapel in Willow Lane in 1828. The street facades of the two latter buildings were built of white brick (weathering to a dirty grey) but here red brick was used. A drawing of it was published by James Sillett in 1828.
In April 1938, it was announced that the City Council was acquiring much of the site by compulsory purchase for a new library. The decision was thereupon taken to build a new church on vacant land alongside their smaller chapel in Park Lane. This was completed and opened in August 1939, when the Lady Lane Chapel was finally closed.

Lakenham Rd:
        From Ipswich Rd / Daniels Rd to Hall Rd / Barrett Rd
Lakenham Rd at Ipswich Rd [B768] 1933-09-10
Daniel's Rd beyond.

Little Bethel St:
        From Bethel St to Chapel Field North

      West side
Bethel St Little 1 to 2 [2539] 1938-07-13
Coronation Bethel St Little 2 [1624] 1937-05-13
2 Little Bethel St, highly commended private house. 1937 coronation decorations.

Little Bull Close:
        From Cowgate
Bull Close Little 1 to 4 [1418] 1936-09-18

Lobster Lane:
        From Pottergate / St John Maddermarket to Exchange St / Bedford St

      North side
Lobster Lane north side [1135] 1936-07-16

London St:
        From Market Place / Exchange St to Bank Plain
Castle St, Bedford St, St Andrew's Hill, Opie St

      North side
Silver Jubilee London St Jarrold's store [0522] 1935-05-05
Jarrolds, Exchange St, third prize for Silver jubilee decorations.
Coronation London St Jarrold's [1558] 1937-05-09
London St, third prize street decoration. 1937 coronation decorations.
London St 1 to 7 Jarrold's store [6687] 1991-05-20
Building commenced 1903, architect George Skipper.
London St 7 Jarrold's store [6500] 1988-06-22
Built 1896, architect George Skipper.
London St 9 to 11 [1312] 1936-08-23
Silver Jubilee London St Garland's store [0576] 1935-05-11
Garlands, London St, second prize for the Silver jubilee decorations.
London St 27 [6439] 1987-02-25
London St 29 and Swan Lane [4440] 1956-05-21
London St 31 to 35 [1390] 1936-09-11
London St 37 Miller's 19c shop front [0174] 1934-08-07
With Corinthian pillars.
London St 37 Miller's Scotsman shop sign [0175] 1934-08-07
London St 37 Miller's Scotsman shop sign [0176] 1934-08-07
Tobacconists sign probably as old as the business which was founded in 1812.
London St 39 to 43 [6474] 1987-06-12
London St 41 to 43 Winsor Bishop shop front [6674] 1991-05-12
19c shop front.
London St 45 to 51 NatWest bank [6469] 1987-06-01
National Westminster Bank. Erected 1924, architects Palmer and Holden.
London St 57 former Eastern Daily Press [6666] 1991-04-29
Former Eastern Daily Press office, architects Edward Boardman and son. Stone front designed by F.Graham Cotman, erected 1900.
        South side
London St 30 [6504] 1988-07-31
London and Provincial Bank. Built 1907, architect George Skipper.
London St 48 to 54 [5287] 1969-10-05
Silver Jubilee London St from Bank Plain [0505] 1935-05-03
London St, honours shared with Prince of Wales Rd. Silver jubilee decorations.

Lower Goat Lane:
        From Market Place / St Peter's St / St Giles' St to Pottergate

      East side
Goat Lane Lower 5 to 7 [1406] 1936-09-17
Goat Lane Lower 17 to 19 rear [7807] 2001-03-20
From Seld Court, Pottergate.
Goat Lane Lower 21 Bluebell PH north side [0744] 1935-09-08
From Pottergate.
Goat Lane Lower 21 Bluebell PH west side [5205] 1968-06-04
        West side
Goat Lane Lower 2 to 4 [1409] 1936-09-17
Silver Jubilee Lower Goat Lane Dewhurst's [0580] 1935-05-11
Dewhurst, Lower Goat Lane, especially commended. Silver jubilee decorations.
Goat Lane Lower 4 [1407] 1936-09-17
Goat Lane Lower 8 rear [3607] 1946-03-23
Goat Lane Lower 14 to 16 [1410] 1936-09-17
Goat Lane Lower 22 to 24 [1408] 1936-09-17
Goat Lane Lower 28 timber frame revealed [3996] 1951-06-21
The timber frame and brick filling were revealed by a plaster fall in 1951.

Low Rd Hellesdon:
        From Hellesdon Rd towards Hellesdon
Low Rd Hellesdon Cross St Mary's churchyard [1762] 1937-07-08
Hellesdon Cross I: stands 20 yards north-east of the churchyard. Restored 1902. 6 feet of the shaft is original.

Magdalen Rd:
        From Bull Close Rd / Magdalen St / Magpie Rd to St Clement's Hill / Constitution Hill
Sprowston Rd

      East side
Magdalen Rd 1 Artichoke PH [B259] 1932-05-00
Magdalen Rd St Paul's mission room [4424] 1956-04-09
Built 1893. Demolished 1956.
St Paul the Hermit Pockthorpe Magdalen Rd [4701] 1962-08-10
Built 1956-7, architect J.P.Chaplin.
Christchurch New Catton from Magdalen Rd [4703] 1962-08-10
Built 1841, architect John Brown.
        West side
Magdalen Rd Congregational on last day [5308] 1971-01-10
Opened 1902. Demolished 1971.

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