Norwich Street Photographs

Agricultural Hall Plain:
        From Upper King St / Prince of Wales Rd / King St to Market Avenue / Castle Meadow
Bank Plain, Crown Rd

      South side
Agricultural Hall Plain Head Post Office [2494] 1938-06-20
Erected 1866 as the Crown Bank, architect P.Hardwick.
Prince of Wales Rd Head Post Office lit [1627] 1937-05-13
Hardwick House lit for coronation celebrations.
Agricultural Hall Plain Agricultural Hall [2493] 1938-06-20
Erected 1882, architect John Bond Pearce.
Agricultural Hall Plain theatre by night [0381] 1935-02-28
In temporary use as a repertory theatre.
        North side
Agricultural Hall Plain Royal Hotel [6464] 1987-05-25
Opened 16th November 1897, architects Boardman and son.
Silver Jubilee Royal Hotel main entrance [0503] 1935-05-02
Royal Hotel, Agricultural Hall Plain. Note the young lad to the right of the hotel entrance and below the crossing sign was stationed there by the tramway company to set the points for outward bound trams heading either for Magdalen Rd or Prince of Wales Rd. Silver jubilee decorations.
Silver Jubilee procession Carnival Queen [0565] 1935-05-06
Commencing at 2:45pm the Street Procession left Newmarket Rd for its tour of the City. Prizes were awarded for best entries. Here is the procession in Agricultural Hall Plain.
Silver Jubilee procession Zulus [0566] 1935-05-06
Zulus. Mr W.Osborne, first prize.
Silver Jubilee procession trade tableau [0567] 1935-05-06
Silver Jubilee procession battleship front [0568] 1935-05-06
Mann Egerton's, H.M.S. King George V battleship model, first prize trades tableaux.
Silver Jubilee procession Britannia Hitler [0569] 1935-05-06
"Britannia" trade tableau. Note Adolf Hitler lookalike at the rear.
Silver Jubilee procession Welsh tableau [0570] 1935-05-06
Eastern Counties Omnibus Co Trade Motor Vehicle, third prize.
Silver Jubilee procession Fire Brigade [0571] 1935-05-06
Silver Jubilee procession E C Omnibus [0572] 1935-05-06
Agricultural Hall Plain millennium milepost [7619] 1999-05-02
Erected 1998. One of many marking the route of the National Cycle Network launched in 1995, it shows the distance to the next post.

All Saints Green:
        From Westlegate to Queen's Rd
Surrey St, Bull Lane

      East side
All Saints Green 1 to 3 [1646] 1937-05-23
All Saints Green Bond's store [4384] 1955-09-19
Erected 1952, architects J.Owen Bond and son.
All Saints Green 21 Thatched Assembly Rooms [0595] 1935-05-26
An attractive feature of All Saints Green before the war was the Thatched Assembly Rooms. Its history is best related by quoting a report from the Eastern Daily Press of 24th December 1904: "Those who have passed over All Saints Green lately will have noticed that some extensive builders' work is going on around a picturesque old house on the eastern side. Some ten or 12 years ago there stood upon this site two or three thatched cottages. These came into the possession of the late Major Crow, who had a charming taste in the older styles of English domestic architecture. He stripped off the plaster and exposed a beautiful half-timbered front; and making a careful choice of various old materials he put in a fine square-headed doorway and a line of projecting bay windows; and thus he made of the front one of the most picturesque things of its kind in Norwich. The house was never occupied. But at last a use for it has been found. In a like architectural style the frontage has been extended to the northward; and by the demolition of some old cottage property at the rear, room has been found for the construction of a splendid suite of ball and assembly rooms, with which there is certainly nothing comparable in Norwich."
The main hall had for its ceiling a single vault, richly ornamented in the Italian style, with elaborate gilded mouldings forming the frames to variously-shaped panels, each containing a picture. On 11th November 1915, it opened as a cinema (The Thatched) but closed down as such in 1930, just two years before the opening of the Carlton cinema (later to become the Gaumont) on the opposite side of the road. The Thatched was then adapted by Bonds' as a ballroom (its original purpose) and furnishing hall. So it remained until 27th June 1942, when incendiary bombs gutted this and all of the adjoining store.
All Saints Green air raid precaution [3259] 1939-09-09
Brick surface shelter.
All Saints Green 23 to 25 Bond's extension [2430] 1938-05-29
Robert Herne Bond, who was born at Ludham, Norfolk, 1844, commenced business in Essex, but moved to a shop in Ber St in 1879. Over the years adjoining property was gradually acquired, so that by 1939 the store extended through to All Saints' Green and included a large arcade.
The last extension to be built before the outbreak of the Second World War was on the site of 23-25 All Saints' Green. Erected in 1938, it had but a brief existence before succumbing to the flames. Its upper front had been designed to harmonise with that of its neighbour, the Thatched, being constructed with vertical timbers alternating with red brickwork. A pleasing gable above a large oriel window to the left and a small dormer in the centre or the steeply pitched roof completed the illusion of "medieval Norwich".
All Saints Green 33 to 35 [1276] 1936-08-16
All Saints Green 33 to 35 [5128] 1967-03-27
All Saints Green 33 to 35 rear [6423] 1986-09-04
All Saints Green 37 to 39 [5145] 1967-05-20
All Saints Green Surrey Cottage [6350] 1985-10-22
Victorian period. Of grey brick construction.
All Saints Green 41 [1275] 1936-08-16
All Saints Green 41 Georgian doorway [0399] 1935-03-19
All Saints Green 41a rear [6424] 1986-09-04
All Saints Green 43 to 45 [3183] 1939-07-30
All Saints Green 43 to 45 [5146] 1967-05-20
All Saints Green 53 garden front [6607] 1990-05-14
All Saints Green 53 Georgian portico [0385] 1935-03-12
A replica of the original.
All Saints Green 53 lamp standard [3870] 1950-06-15
All Saints Green 53 St Catherine's Close [0594] 1935-05-26
St Catherine's Close. Built c1780.
        West side
All Saints Green 2 Tuns PH [1044] 1936-06-21
The Tuns Inn.
All Saints Green 2 Tuns PH [2431] 1938-05-29
All Saints Green 4 to 10 [1045] 1936-06-21
At the junction of All Saints Green with Westlegate, Nos 4-8 were three-storeyed cottages of brick and tile construction, the front wall cement rendered. Only the doorway on the left appeared to be original, the other two doorways and their adjoining windows looking as though they had been put in as an afterthought. In fact from the outside it looked very much as though the building had been just one house originally and was divided up later in the 19c. Displayed on the front of the houses was the date "1793" and the initials, "R.M.B.", or perhaps "R.B.M.", for the "M" although in the middle was on a lower plane than the other two letters. They were of metal, but quite plain compared with those on the King's Arms public house in Botolph St.
No 10 to the left still stands, but these three houses and an adjoining public house were demolished in 1937 when the corner was set back and a new public house built.
All Saints Green 12 [1046] 1936-06-21
All Saints Green 16 to 18 [2533] 1938-07-10
All Saints Green 20 [2534] 1938-07-10
All Saints Green Norwich Union north tower [4714] 1962-09-09
All Saints Green Carlton at night [0354] 1935-02-12
Opened 1932, architect J.Owen Bond.
All Saints Green 50 Artillery Barracks [0593] 1935-05-26
Built 1771-72, architect Thomas Ivory.
All Saints Green 50 Georgian doorway [0424] 1935-03-28
All Saints Green 50 Ivory House [6633] 1990-08-22
All Saints Green Norwich Union crescent [4710] 1962-09-07

Anglia Square:
        Off Magdalen St
Anglia Square H M Stationery Office [6651] 1990-10-04
Opened 1969, architect Alan Cooke.
Anglia Square Odeon [6529] 1989-03-20
Opened 8th July 1971. Built by Alan Cooke and Partners.

The Avenues:
        From College Rd to Bluebell Rd
Colman Rd

      South side
Heigham Park first bed view to tennis cts [B187] 1931-00-00
Laid out as formal gardens with tennis courts, bowling green and children's playground in 1921, including a rock garden and herbaceous borders.
Heigham Park view south to Glebe Rd [B188] 1931-00-00
Heigham Park third circular bed [B189] 1931-00-00
Heigham Park rock garden [B190] 1931-00-00
Heigham Park rock garden [B191] 1931-00-00
Heigham Park pergola by bowling green [B192] 1931-00-00
Heigham Park rock garden [B198] 1931-00-00
Heigham Park wrought iron gates from pagoda [4438] 1956-05-21
Heigham Park wrought iron gates from pagoda [B242] 1932-04-00
Gates to tennis courts. Formerly a portion of the railing surrounding the Pagoda (made 1876) which stood in Chapel Field Gardens.

Aylsham Rd:
        From Magpie Rd / St Augustine's St / Bakers Rd to Boundary Rd and towards Catton, Horsham St Faith
St Martin's Rd, Waterloo Park Avenue, Mile Cross Rd, Woodcock Rd

      West side
St Luke's New Catton from Aylsham Rd [4700] 1962-08-10
Built 1914 of red brick in Gothic style. Demolished July 1989.
St Luke's centre New Catton Aylsham Rd [6679] 1991-05-14
Built 1990.
        East side
St Augustine's St Swimming pool [4720] 1962-09-14
Opened 9th March 1961, architect David Percival.
Aylsham Rd Capitol night illumination [0318] 1934-11-26
Opened 1932.
St Catherine's Mile X from Mile Cross Rd [4699] 1962-08-10
Built 1935-6, architect Alban Caroe. Aylsham Rd.
Aylsham Rd Cross Mile Cross [1748] 1937-07-04
St Faith's Cross or Whyte-Crosse: at Mile Cross was moved a few yards in the 1930's to be in front of the then newly erected Mile Cross Inn.

Back of the Inns:
        From White Lion St to Royal Arcade / Castle St

      East side
Back of the Inns 1 Castle Hotel rear [1393] 1936-09-13
For main facade, see Castle Meadow 3.
Back of the Inns 1 Castle Hotel rear [6485] 1987-08-28
Back of the Inns 3 to 11 view north [1311] 1936-08-23
Back of the Inns 3 to 9 former Red Rose Inn [1314] 1936-08-23
White Lion Gate Back of the Inns [6963] 1993-03-28
White Lion Gate clock tower [6962] 1993-03-28

Bakers Rd:
        From Aylsham Rd / Magpie Rd / St Augustine's St to Oak St / St Martin's Rd

      South side
Bakers Rd wall from outside city [2799] 1938-09-10

Bank Plain:
        From Redwell St / Queen St to Agricultural Hall Plain
London St, Bank St

      West side
Bank Plain 1 [7232] 1995-07-25
Bank Plain Barclays Bank [6694] 1991-06-09
Erected 1927-30, architects Brierly and Rutherford of York and Edward Boardman of Norwich.
        East side
Bank Plain Edwardian lamp post [7804] 2001-02-13
Late Victorian or early Edwardian.
Bank Plain Edwardian lamp post base [7809] 2001-04-01
Bank Plain Edwardian lamp post head [7810] 2001-04-01
Bank Plain 11 to 13 [1457] 1936-09-26
Bank Plain 13 to 17 [1458] 1936-09-26

Bank St:
        From Bank Plain to Upper King St

      North side
Bank St 2 to 6 [1456] 1936-09-26
Bank St 14 [6172] 1981-04-17

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