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Hickling St Mary's church from SE [6951] 1992-11-28
"The aisle windows all Decorated but all renewed."
Hickling St Mary's church west door [6952] 1992-11-28
16c. "Splendidly grouped door, window, niche and sound-hole."

Hilborough All Saints church south side [5821] 1977-06-09
Hilborough All Saints church south side [7689] 1999-10-01
Hilborough All Saints church west door [5822] 1977-06-09
With flushwork, niches and shields.

Hilgay All Saints church from SE [7091] 1993-10-31
Grey brick tower built 1794. Body of church restored by Street in 1869-70.

Hillington wayside Cross near Hall entrance [5861] 1977-09-14
There are the remains of four crosses by the entrance to Hillington Park, two on each side of the road. Three of them consist of somewhat mutilated socket stones with 1 to 2 feet of shaft. The fourth, pictured, is complete except for the head.
Hillington St Mary Virgin church from SE [7340] 1996-06-16
Rebuilt nave in 1824 when the south aisle was absorbed and imitation Perpendicular windows with cast-iron tracery inserted.

Hindolveston St George's church ruin from E [6400] 1986-06-25
The tower collapsed in 1892 destroying most of the building.

Hindringham St Martin's church from SE [5852] 1977-09-09
Hindringham St Martin's church 13c chest [5851] 1977-09-09
Probably early 13c.

Hingham former watermill [7655] 1999-07-16
Not on a river but near springs.
Hingham former mill house and watermill [7656] 1999-07-16
Hingham Bond St Mansion House [4871] 1964-09-12
With flanking Dutch gables.
Hingham Market Place Wassails House [4872] 1964-09-12
Hingham Market Place and town sign [4873] 1964-09-12
Hingham Market Place White Hart Inn [7924] 2003-03-18
Hingham Beaconsfield and Admiralty Houses [7923] 2003-03-18
In Market Place. Beaconsfield house on right.
Hingham St Andrew's church from SE [4867] 1964-09-12
Hingham St Andrew's church west end [4870] 1964-09-12
Hingham St Andrew's church interior view W [4869] 1964-09-12
14c nave arcades.
Hingham St Andrew's church Morley monument [4868] 1964-09-12
Monument to 5th Baron Morley and Marshall of Ireland, who died 1435. "Undoubtedly used as an Easter Sepulchre." Chancel north wall.

Hockering St Michael's church from SE [7216] 1995-07-08
The church is badly over-restored. The windows are lancets or have Y- or intersected tracery.
Hockering St Michael's church from west [2997] 1939-05-21
15c tower.

Hockwold St Peter's church from SE [7236] 1995-08-16
The 14c tower is at the west end of the south aisle.

Hoe St Andrew's church from SE [7088] 1993-10-17
Much of it rebuilt in the late 18c.

Holkham Hall south front from SE [4813] 1964-08-17
Created by Thomas Coke 1697-1759 afterwards first Earl of Leicester. Building commenced 1734.
Holkham Hall south front from SW [4811] 1964-08-17
Lord Burlington and Coke together planned the hall with its pink pillars. William Kent was the architect of the house and much of the park.
Holkham Hall north front from NW [4810] 1964-08-17
Holkham Hall coach house [4815] 1964-08-17
Holkham Hall fountains at south front [4812] 1964-08-17
Holkham Hall park towards memorial column [4814] 1964-08-17
Holkham Hall Bygones museum steam cart [7936] 2003-08-07
Soame steam cart, designed and built by George S Soame of Marsham in 1897.
Holkham St Withburga's church from SE [7031] 1993-07-11
Restored and partially rebuilt in 1870 by James K Colling.

Holme Hale:
Holme Hale St Andrew's church south side [7246] 1995-08-16
"The west tower was built in 1435." (Pevsner)
Holme Hale St Andrew's church screen W side [5708] 1976-08-26
Intricate tracery in central opening.
Holme Hale St Andrew's church bench end [5709] 1976-08-26
In north aisle. Elephant and Castle.

Holme next Sea:
Holme next Sea St Mary's church from SE [7279] 1995-10-01
The nave rebuilt in 1779 mainly using material from the aisles.

Holt 18c milestone pillar [7500] 1997-09-28
Showing distances to neighbouring villages.
Holt Victoria 1887 jubilee iron lampstand [7501] 1997-09-28
Holt St Andrew's church tower [5834] 1977-08-28

Honing weir on N Walsham Dilham canal [7469] 1997-07-27
Honing Ss Peter and Paul church from SE [5873] 1977-10-22
15c tower the remainder largely rebuilt in 1795. The chancel only 4 feet long.

Honingham cottages with jettied upper front [2991] 1939-05-21
Honingham thatched cottages [2993] 1939-05-21
Honingham watermill on Tud [2992] 1939-05-21
Built mainly of weatherboarding over timber framing, it is continuous under the same roof as the mill house which is of brick and tiles.
Honingham mill house and watermill on Tud [2990] 1939-05-21
Honingham St Andrew's church south side [2989] 1939-05-21

Hopton St Margaret's church ruin south side [7559] 1998-06-28
Hopton St Margaret's church ruin from east [7560] 1998-06-28
14c. It was burnt down but replaced in the 19c by another church nearby.

Horning St Benet's Abbey gatehouse and mill [4561] 1960-07-03
From river Bure.
Horning St Benet's Abbey gatehouse and mill [4562] 1960-07-03
From river Bure.
Horning St Benet's Abbey gatehouse and mill [5950] 1978-08-14
From SE.
Horning St Benet's Abbey gatehouse E front [5951] 1978-08-14
An abbey of Benedictine monks founded here in 1020 by King Canute on a site previously occupied as early as the year 800 AD by a society of Saxon monks. In 1535, by virtue of a private Act of Parliament, the revenues of this abbey were exchanged for those of the old estates of the See of Norwich. The abbey was united to the Bishopric, and the bishops of Norwich became from that time, and still remain, Abbots of St Benet's-at-Holm.
Horning St Benet's Abbey gatehouse W front [5952] 1978-08-14
Left spandrel on the inside of the gatehouse arch.
Horning St Benet's Abbey gatehouse W front [5953] 1978-08-14
Right spandrel on the inside of the gatehouse arch.
Horning St Benet's Abbey church wall ruin [5954] 1978-08-14
Horning St Benet's Abbey ruin from south [5441] 1975-08-25
Horning St Benet's Abbey ruin from SW [5442] 1975-08-25
Horning St Benedict's church from SE [6889] 1992-07-28
14c west tower and south aisle.
Horning St Benedict's church priest's door [6890] 1992-07-28
Priest's door on south side of chancel with 13c dog tooth moulding.

Horningtoft St Edmund's church from NW [7220] 1995-07-22
The west tower collapsed in 1796. Victorian bellcote.
Horningtoft St Edmund's priest's door [7221] 1995-07-22
In south side of chancel. Early English with one dog-tooth at top of jambs.

Horsey drainage windmill from NW [5839] 1977-08-29
At Horsey Mere. No longer working but recently restored as a typical specimen.
Horsey All Saints church Norman tower [6946] 1992-11-28
Norman round tower with later octagonal belfry.

Horsford Church St former Crown Inn [6825] 1992-06-09
Horsford Church St Horsford Hall north side [6826] 1992-06-09
Horsford Holt Rd cottages date 1837 bottles [6823] 1992-06-08
Glass bottle bottoms at north end of village. Originally four or five pairs of cottages built of whole flints. Figures about a yard high are the dates of building.
Horsford Holt Rd cottages date 1845 bottles [6822] 1992-06-08
Horsford Holt Rd Sparrow Hall cottage [6570] 1989-07-20
Horsford main street view south Dog PH [B607] 1933-07-02
Dog Inn has crow-stepped gable.
Horsford mill disused tower [B608] 1933-07-02
Horsford All Saints church from SE [6571] 1989-07-20
Chancel Early English with thatched roof.
Horsford All Saints church Norman font S [6572] 1989-07-20
Late Norman.

Horsham St Faith mission room Norman door [5609] 1976-08-16
Reconstructed from nearby priory.
Horsham St Faith old cottages near church [5029] 1965-09-19
Horsham St Faith Priory former refectory N [4555] 1960-06-02
The remains of the priory, founded in 1107 by Robert Fitzwalter of Caen and Sybilla his wife.
Horsham St Faith Priory former refectory S [4553] 1960-06-02
The south side of the former refectory on the north side of the cloister. Became a house.
Horsham St Faith Priory cloister east wall [4554] 1960-06-02
Horsham St Faith Priory Norman doorway [4556] 1960-06-02
Blocked doorway at west end of south wall of former refectory.
Horsham St Faith Priory Norman door jambs [4552] 1960-06-02
East side of cloister.
Horsham St Faith church from SE [B629] 1933-07-16
Blessed Virgin and St Andrew church.
Horsham St Faith church south porch [B628] 1933-07-16

Horstead Recruiting Sergeant PH [2969] 1939-05-07
Near the site of Largate Cross.
Horstead watermill on Bure N side [3332] 1940-03-22
The mill believed to date from 1789 was last used for milling flour during WW1. Burned down 23 January 1963.
Horstead watermill on Bure S side [3369] 1940-04-07
Horstead watermill on Bure after fire [4914] 1965-07-31
Horstead watermill on Bure after fire [4915] 1965-07-31
Horstead All Saints church from SE [6777] 1992-05-15
Tower 13c remainder rebuilt 1879. Architect R M Phipson.

Houghton on the Hill:
Houghton on the Hill St Mary's south side [7244] 1995-08-16
Unbuttressed west tower. The church undergoing restoration at the time of the photograph.

Houghton St Giles:
Houghton St Giles' church south side [0694] 1935-08-13
Much of the fabric rebuilt on the old foundations in 1879.
Houghton St Giles' slipper chapel from SW [0695] 1935-08-13
A restored 14c building, where pilgrims left their shoes behind on the last stage of the Walsingham pilgrimage.

Hoveton St John:
Hoveton St John's church south side [0075] 1934-04-02
The tower was rebuilt in brick in 1765, the remainder 14-15c.

Hoveton St Peter:
Hoveton Hall across lake [7623] 1999-05-02
Built between 1809 and 1812. Attributed to Humphry and John Adey Repton.
Hoveton Hall from driveway [7622] 1999-05-02
Hoveton Hall gardens spider paving [7620] 1999-05-02
The central feature of the spider garden.
Hoveton Hall gardens spider web gate [7621] 1999-05-02
Made in 1936 by Eric Stevenson of Wroxham.
Hoveton St Peter's church from NW [4931] 1965-08-16
Entirely thatched, this little church was rebuilt in 1624 and is one of the smallest in the county.
Hoveton St Peter's church from SW [7624] 1999-05-02

Howe St Mary's church from SE [5799] 1977-05-28
Howe St Mary's church tower from SW [5798] 1977-05-28
Saxon round tower. Showing small circular window with deep concentric splay.

Hunstanton stone wayside Cross shaft [5863] 1977-09-14
Pre-reformation. Said to have come from Old Hunstanton.
Hunstanton pier [0194] 1934-08-08
Hunstanton cliff [0195] 1934-08-08
Striped red and white chalk and brown carstone.

Hunworth former watermill on Glaven [7693] 1999-10-02
And mill house on right.
Hunworth St Lawrence's church from SE [7254] 1995-09-24
The chancel largely rebuilt 1850.
Hunworth St Lawrence's church S side window [4547] 1960-06-02
Showing early window opening near angle formed by south transept.

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