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Tacolneston Old Hall farmhouse [2938] 1939-04-09
Described as the finest example in the county of half-timberwork. The front porch has three storeys, the top being a dormer. There is a somewhat corresponding arrangement at the back but no porch. The plaster work is pargetted in places. The gables are high pitched and crow-stepped, that on the north has six Tudor windows with hood moulds.
Tacolneston Old Hall farmhouse front [2939] 1939-04-09
Tacolneston Old Hall farmhouse front porch [2940] 1939-04-09
Tacolneston Old Hall farmhouse rear [2941] 1939-04-09
Tacolneston thatched cottage [2942] 1939-04-09
Tacolneston All Saints church from SE [6797] 1992-05-20
The tower was rebuilt in 1509.

Tasburgh Rainthorpe Hall north front [5309] 1971-05-30
The home of Amy Robsart's half-sister, Anne Appleyard, who lived here with her two successive husbands before it was sold in 1579 and rebuilt by Thomas Baxter. By marrying Baxter, Anne Appleyard returned for the third time as a bride to Rainthorpe Hall. Baxter's arms, and those of former wife, Elizabeth Bludworth, are carved on the original porch. She died in 1587. An oak chimney-piece in the banqueting hall is dated 1586. The old heraldic glass is informative.
Tasburgh Rainthorpe Hall from SE [5310] 1971-05-30
Tasburgh Rainthorpe Hall from south terrace [5312] 1971-05-30
Tasburgh Rainthorpe Hall from NW [5311] 1971-05-30
Tasburgh former watermill on Tas [7597] 1998-10-18
Became a private residence.
Tasburgh 17c Old Hall [7596] 1998-10-18
Tasburgh Quakers Lane Friends' house [7593] 1998-10-18
Early 18c.
Tasburgh Tasburgh Lane Orchard Cottage [6800] 1992-05-20
Tasburgh Tasburgh Lane thatched house [5255] 1969-05-25
Tasburgh St Mary Virgin church from SE [6790] 1992-05-19
The round tower probably Anglo-Saxon. It has traces of large blind arcading, and on the apex of the arches a second tier.
Tasburgh St Mary Virgin church tower [6789] 1992-05-19

Tattersett All Saints church from SE [7264] 1995-09-30
Mostly 13c. "One of the most isolated of Norfolk churches."

Taverham St Edmund's church south side [2944] 1939-04-10
Early Norman round tower.
Taverham St Edmund's church Norman N door [5773] 1977-04-30
Very early Norman.
Taverham St Edmund's church interior view E [2948] 1939-04-10
Taverham St Edmund's church screen E side [2947] 1939-04-10
15c screen all painted brown and varnished.
Taverham St Edmund's church altar rails [5772] 1977-04-30
East side of southern half of altar rails, thought to be formerly part of a 14c screen from Thurgarton.
Taverham St Edmund's church bench end [2945] 1939-04-10
North side of choir.
Taverham St Edmund's church choir stalls [2946] 1939-04-10
North side of chancel.
Taverham St Edmund's church Jacobean chest [2949] 1939-04-10

Terrington St Clement:
Terrington St Clement's church from NW [4413] 1955-10-06
The 15c tower stands detached about 8 feet at the north-west corner.
Terrington St Clement's church from SW [4410] 1955-10-06
Practically the whole church was rebuilt during the Perpendicular period, commencing 1380.
Terrington St Clement's church from SE [4412] 1955-10-06
Terrington St Clement's church south porch [4411] 1955-10-06
Rich stone panelling.

Terrington St John:
Terrington St John's church tower [5664] 1976-08-21
The 15c tower originally free-standing but later linked to the church by a construction known as the Priest's House.

Tharston former watermill on Tas south side [6791] 1992-05-19
Tharston former watermill on Tas south side [7594] 1998-10-18
Tharston former watermill on Tas north side [7595] 1998-10-18
The Granary, Low Tharston, a converted watermill. Sometimes known erroneously as Hapton Mill, the name of the adjoining parish.
Tharston St Mary's church from SE [6799] 1992-05-20

Thelveton St Andrew's church from NW [7294] 1995-11-26
Thelveton St Andrew's church Norman N door [7295] 1995-11-26

Themelthorpe St Andrew's church south side [6397] 1986-06-25
Probably an early church as at the south-west corner of the nave there are no dressed stone quoins.

Thetford Ancient House museum [3922] 1950-07-26
Fitted out as a museum in 1921, and given to the town by Prince Frederick Duleep Singh.
Thetford Bell Hotel north side [3928] 1950-07-26
Some of it may have been part of an inn belonging to the Guild of St Mary in the 15c.
Thetford Grey Gables Thomas Paine born here [5394] 1974-09-03
Reputed birthplace, in 1737.
Thetford The King's House [3929] 1950-07-26
So-called because it was thought to have been King James' hunting lodge.
Thetford Castle Hill [5391] 1974-09-03
One of the largest mottes in the country. Probably made to order of Roger Bigod early 12c.
Thetford river Ouse Town Bridge 1829 [5392] 1974-09-03
Built of cast-iron in 1829.
Thetford watermill on Little Ouse from NW [7513] 1997-10-25
Thetford watermill on Little Ouse from SW [7514] 1997-10-25
Thetford Warren Lodge 15c stone house [5846] 1977-09-07
15c stone house, probably of the Prior of Thetford's gamekeeper.
Thetford Blackfriars monastery cloister [4797] 1964-07-25
Fragment of the monastery in Thetford Grammar school grounds. Built between 1325 and 1345 on the site of the 11c cathedral by Henry, Earl of Lancaster.
Thetford Blackfriars monastery ruin [4796] 1964-07-25
In school grounds.
Thetford Cluniac Priory Tudor gatehouse [3924] 1950-07-26
Founded by Roger Bigod, Earl of the East Angles, and Alice his wife, in 1104. Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Andrew. In 1540 was granted to Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk.
Thetford Cluniac Priory south aisle view E [3925] 1950-07-26
Priory church from west end of south aisle.
Thetford Cluniac Priory prior's lodge [5393] 1974-09-03
12c arches.
Thetford Cluniac Priory east range [3927] 1950-07-26
View across east range to the choir of church.
Thetford Cluniac Priory cloister cellars [3926] 1950-07-26
Cellars alongside the west cloister walk.
Thetford Priory of Canons of Holy Sepulchre [5910] 1978-06-02
Ruins of the priory of the canons of the Holy Sepulchre, Brandon Rd.
Thetford St Cuthbert's church from east [7281] 1995-10-21
Tower rebuilt after 1854.
Thetford St Mary the Less church from SE [7149] 1994-07-29
With chancel lengthened in white brick. Otherwise Perpendicular.
Thetford St Peter's church and Bell Hotel [3923] 1950-07-26
Church tower rebuilt in 1789.

Thompson College Farm from SE [5940] 1978-08-03
The college is said to have originated c1272-1307 from the Boutetorts, lords of this place. In 1349 Sir Thomas and Sir John de Shardelowe endowed it with the parish church and they are generally styled the founders. The college chapel was on the south side of the parish church and was dedicated to St James. The site of the conventual buildings is about a quarter of a mile to the south of the church and became the college farmhouse.
Thompson College Farm west front mullions [5938] 1978-08-03
Thompson College Farm from SW [5939] 1978-08-03
Thompson College Farm north wall [5937] 1978-08-03
Thompson St Martin's church from SW [5712] 1976-08-26
The church, partly monastic, was used by the chaplains of the college.
Thompson St Martin's church 3 decker pulpit [5711] 1976-08-26
14c screen and box pew.

Thornage Hall [4550] 1960-06-02
From Norman times until 1535 was a Grange of the Bishops of Norwich. Granted at the Dissolution to Sir William Butts, and later came to the Bacon family. The hall probably formed the great parlour and was part of a larger edifice.
Thornage Hall north side [6116] 1980-06-19
Thornage Hall south side door [6115] 1980-06-19
Thornage Hall dovecote [4551] 1960-06-02
Thornage All Saints church from NW [6113] 1980-06-19
Thornage All Saints church Norman window [6114] 1980-06-19
On the north side of nave. Unusual brickwork above arch.

Thornham All Saints church south side [7277] 1995-10-01
The chancel over-restored in 1877.
Thornham All Saints church south door [7278] 1995-10-01
Early English.

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