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Sparham St Mary Virgin church from SE [5677] 1976-08-23
Sparham St Mary Virgin church interior east [5676] 1976-08-23
Sparham St Mary Virgin church north screen [5675] 1976-08-23
North aisle 15c screen. Two panels depicting cadavers.

Spixworth Buxton Rd houses [6858] 1992-06-27
At junction with St Faith's Rd.
Spixworth St Peter's church from west [2972] 1939-05-07
Spixworth St Peter's church from SW [6859] 1992-06-27
The tower fell in 1804 when the present one was built. It stands at the south-west angle and measures only 8 feet 3 inches by 9 feet.

Sporle St Mary's church from east [7080] 1993-10-16
Sporle St Mary's church 14c tower [7079] 1993-10-16

Sprowston Mousehold Lane WW1 memorial homes [7760] 2000-06-25
Great War cottages.
Sprowston Mousehold Lane WW2 memorial homes [7759] 2000-06-25
Second World War bungalows.
Sprowston St Mary and Margaret church SE [6248] 1982-08-29
The nave and chancel of the 14c and 15c. The tower rebuilt in the early 18c.

Stalham Hall south side [3683] 1948-03-26
Old Hall c1670.
Stalham old fire station and clink entrance [7857] 2001-10-14
Dated 1833, the firehouse is thought to be the oldest of its type in Norfolk and is a Grade II listed building. Working party engaged in its restoration. Entrance to the clink is on the right.
Stalham old fire station and clink entrance [7858] 2001-10-14
Stalham St Mary's church south side [6986] 1993-05-23
The tower is late 14c and is reduced in height.
Stalham St Mary's church 15c font east side [3682] 1948-03-26

Stanfield St Margaret's church from NE [7190] 1995-06-17
The chancel is 13c, but the east window dates from 1864.
Stanfield St Margaret's church interior E [7191] 1995-06-17
Jacobean pulpit with backboard and canopy. Benches have poppyheads and grotesques.

Stanhoe All Saints church south side [5979] 1978-08-21
The base of the 13c tower forms the south porch.

Starston St Margaret's church from NE [7166] 1994-09-24
The north aisle was built in 1870.
Starston St Margaret's church tower S porch [7167] 1994-09-24
Chequered parapets to 14c tower and nave.

Stibbard All Saints church from SE [7229] 1995-07-22
Chancel of c1300. East window of five lights with intersected tracery, but interrupted to insert a quatrefoil circle.
Stibbard All Saints church rood beam view E [5691] 1976-08-23
Arch-braced beam crossing the nave 3 feet in front of the chancel. Probably the bressumer supporting front of loft.
Stibbard All Saints church nave N bench end [5692] 1976-08-23
15c bench end with figure on arm-rest.

Stiffkey Old Hall west front from NW [6309] 1984-07-12
Designed by Sir Nicholas Bacon, Keeper of the Great Seal under Elizabeth I. Building began in 1576. The original design was to have been a four-sided house enclosing a courtyard with four towers at the external and four at the internal corners. In the event, this proved too costly and three wings only were built, with six towers and a gatehouse. Of this, the west wing with three towers survives, together with part of the north wing, the gatehouse and two other towers which mark the internal and external north-eastern corners.
Stiffkey Old Hall from SW [6308] 1984-07-12
Stiffkey Old Hall from NW [3917] 1950-07-24
Stiffkey Old Hall gatehouse south side [6310] 1984-07-12
Dated 1604. In the pediment, a pig, stands for the name Bacon.
Stiffkey Old hall and NE tower ruin [6312] 1984-07-12
From garden terrace.
Stiffkey Old Hall courtyard inner tower [6306] 1984-07-12
NW inner tower.
Stiffkey Old Hall corner tower ruin [6307] 1984-07-12
NE inner tower, and church of St John Baptist behind.
Stiffkey Old Hall from churchyard [3916] 1950-07-24
Ruined NE outer tower from St John Baptist churchyard.
Stiffkey St John Baptist church from hall [6311] 1984-07-12
South side of church.

Stockton St Michael's church from SE [5558] 1976-06-05
Stockton St Michael's church roof east [5556] 1976-06-05
Arch-braced roof.
Stockton St Michael's church font west side [5557] 1976-06-05
Unusual bowl.
Stockton St Michael's church font from SE [5555] 1976-06-05

Stody Lodge [7930] 2003-05-25
Built in the mid 1930s. Its tiles are unusually blue in colour.
Stody St Mary's church from SE [4548] 1960-06-02
Stody St Mary's church from SW [4549] 1960-06-02
"The round tower is probably Norman, but it has stratified masonry and may be earlier. In the 15c it was heightened but they retained the circular shape which is slightly unusual."

Stoke Ferry:
Stoke Ferry Hall 18c [7104] 1993-10-31
Opposite the west side of the church. Probably late 18c.
Stoke Ferry All Saints church from NW [7103] 1993-10-31
Much renovated and rebuilt in 1848 by Donthorne. The original chancel taken down in 17c.

Stoke Holy Cross:
Stoke Holy Cross Rummer Inn [2901] 1939-04-07
With Dutch gable. The Rummer, a drinking vessel, was once a common inn sign in Britain.
Stoke Holy Cross watermill on Tas [2902] 1939-04-07
Famous in that the business of J and J Colman commenced here in the early 19c. Chiefly timber framed and weatherboarded.
Stoke Holy Cross watermill on Tas [2903] 1939-04-07
Stoke Holy Cross watermill on Tas [B202] 1931-00-00
Stoke Holy Cross church south side [5421] 1974-09-11
Mainly 14c.
Stoke Holy Cross church font in churchyard [5420] 1974-09-11
15c font standing outside under the tower.

Stokesby St Andrew's church from NW [6831] 1992-06-14
The triple-stepped brick battlements of the tower are 16c. All but one of the windows are Decorated.
Stokesby St Andrew's church south side [6830] 1992-06-14

Stow Bardolph:
Stow Bardolph Holy Trinity church from NE [7097] 1993-10-31
The Hare chapel is on the north side of the chancel, built of brick in 1624. The remainder of the church is of carstone.

Stow Bedon:
Stow Bedon St Botolph's church from SW [5790] 1977-05-21

Stradsett St Mary's church from SW [7288] 1995-10-28
Unbuttressed 13c tower, with Perpendicular top stage.

Stratton St Michael:
Stratton St Michael old parsonage house [5313] 1972-06-15
Stratton St Michael's church from SE [6925] 1992-10-31
Unbuttressed west tower with wooden turret and spirelet.
Stratton St Michael's church font from S [6926] 1992-10-31
With four lions and four demi-figures of angels.

Stratton Strawless:
Stratton Strawless St Margaret's church NE [6856] 1992-06-21
Money was left for the building of the tower in 1422. Massive buttresses indicate that it was intended to be higher. Figures instead of pinnacles.

Strumpshaw St Peter's church south side [5031] 1965-09-25
15c tower. Nave and chancel walls mainly 13c with later windows.
Strumpshaw St Peter's church interior east [3772] 1949-05-21
Square-headed screen.

Suffield St Margaret's church from SE [6919] 1992-09-20
15c west tower and late 13c chancel.

Surlingham St Saviour's church ruin from W [5990] 1978-08-27
Surlingham St Mary's church from SW [5989] 1978-08-27
Early Norman round tower with 15c belfry.

Sustead Ss Peter and Paul church from SE [5018] 1965-08-27
The round tower is probably Norman. The porch is 14c.
Sustead Ss Peter and Paul church 15c font [5017] 1965-08-27
Also north doorway and Stuart table.

Sutton windmill from east [3871] 1950-06-18
The tallest existing corn windmill in England. Probably built by Englands, the Ludham millwrights, in 1789. Rebuilt in 1857 after a fire. The sails were struck by lightning in 1940, but the mill had not produced flour for some years before that.
Sutton windmill from NE [3872] 1950-06-18
Sutton windmill sails [3873] 1950-06-18
Sutton windmill with new stocks fitted [7630] 1999-05-15
Sutton St Michael's church from SW [4309] 1955-05-14
Square western tower.
Sutton St Michael's church south porch [4308] 1955-05-14

Swaffham Market Cross [0183] 1934-08-08
Erected by the Earl of Orford in 1783. Surmounted by a statue of Ceres.
Swaffham Market Place and church tower [0182] 1934-08-08
Swaffham Market Place 16 Georgian mansion [6064] 1980-04-14
Swaffham Market Place 9 Georgian mansion [6065] 1980-04-14
Swaffham town pound north of churchyard [6066] 1980-04-14
An enclosure into which stray animals were impounded until claimed on payment of a fine. It has existed on this site since mediaeval times.
Swaffham wind turbine [7674] 1999-08-19
Swaffham wind turbine [7675] 1999-08-19
Swaffham wind turbine and Ecotech centre [7677] 1999-08-19
Centre opened 1999 with an exhibition relating to conservation.
Swaffham wind turbine viewing platform [7676] 1999-08-19
First turbine at Swaffham. Commenced operation 16 August 1999. The tower 67 metres tall and each blade 31 metres long. 300 steps to the viewing platform. German built, it cost 1,250,000 pounds, and can provide power to half the town, around 3000 people.
Swaffham wind turbine 2 [7937] 2003-08-25
Second turbine. Erected as the tallest in Britain. 85 metres tall with 70 metre diameter rotor blades. Constructed July 2003.
Swaffham Ss Peter and Paul church from SE [6067] 1980-04-14
Tower completed 1510 with later fleche.
Swaffham Ss Peter and Paul church from SE [0732] 1935-08-16
Swaffham Ss Peter and Paul church int east [4094] 1952-07-31
The east window has 14c tracery, otherwise all is 15c.
Swaffham Ss Peter and Paul hammerbeam nave [4095] 1952-07-31
Double hammerbeam roof adorned with a hundred angels.
Swaffham Ss Peter and Paul bench end [4096] 1952-07-31
North side of chancel.

Swafield St Nicholas' church from SE [7057] 1993-08-18
Early 14c tower, the rest Perpendicular.

Swainsthorpe Dun Cow PH [6787] 1992-05-19
On the Ipswich Rd. Late 17c. The sign once bore the legend "Walk in Gentlemen I trust you'll find / The Dun Cow's milk is to your mind."
Swainsthorpe Dun Cow PH Dutch gable [6794] 1992-05-19
With two blocked upright oval windows.
Swainsthorpe St Peter's church south side [3314] 1940-03-02
The lower stages of the tower are probably pre-conquest.
Swainsthorpe St Peter's church interior E [3315] 1940-03-02
Swainsthorpe St Peter's church bench end [3316] 1940-03-02
Poppyhead of choir stalls.

Swannington former King's Head Inn [4919] 1965-08-07
The former King's Head Inn, later the King's Head farmhouse, became Church Farm House. The extreme right-hand side is entirely of brick and has two windows of late Tudor design.
Swannington former King's Head Inn [6837] 1992-06-15
Swannington St Margaret's church from SE [6836] 1992-06-15
The tower was built into an existing nave. The aisles extend to the west face of the tower.
Swannington St Margaret's church S porch [6835] 1992-06-15
Above the entrance a sundial and flushwork decoration reading IHS NAZARENES.

Swanton Abbot:
Swanton Abbot St Michael's church from SE [6867] 1992-06-27
Decorated west tower and Perpendicular south porch.

Swanton Morley:
Swanton Morley All Saints church from SE [7087] 1993-10-17
Built by William de Morley. Commenced 1379. Consecrated 1440.

Swanton Novers:
Swanton Novers St Edmund's church S side [7126] 1994-05-22
"The unbuttressed tower rebuilt in 1960-61 evidently with old materials."

Swardeston Dog Inn [6741] 1991-09-15
Swardeston St Mary's church from SE [6742] 1991-09-15

Syderstone St Mary's church tower [5977] 1978-08-21
Norman round tower.
Syderstone St Mary's church 12c west door [5976] 1978-08-21

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