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Mannington Hall south side from road [6012] 1979-06-04
In 1541 William Lumner obtained a licence to embattle and fortify it. In the two octagonal towers at each corner of the south front are the original lancet windows, but the rest appear to have been inserted about 1560, judging from their richly bevelled brick mouldings.
Mannington Hall from SW [6016] 1979-06-17
Mannington Hall from NW [6014] 1979-06-17
"The hall is a 15c moated manor house looking much the same no doubt as when it was first built with flint flushwork in the walls. Parts of the house were extensively restored by Horatio, Earl of Orford, who lies buried under an elaborate coped tomb in the ruins of the church on the other side of the road hidden in the trees." (Norfolk a Shell Guide by Harrod and Linnell)
Mannington Hall west front [6013] 1979-06-17
Mannington Hall south side [6015] 1979-06-17
Mannington Hall from SE with moat [6017] 1979-06-17
Mannington church ruin from SW [6018] 1979-06-17
Lord Orford's antiquarian eccentricities are commemorated in and around the ruins of the church by a number of pieces of gothic ornament from various places, and gothic archways form the entrances to the gardens which were laid out south of the church. The dedication of the church is unknown.

Marham Holy Trinity church from SW [7290] 1995-10-28
A fine 15c west tower with quatrefoil sound-holes.
Marham Holy Trinity church Norman N door [5742] 1977-04-14
With chequered tympanum.
Marham Holy Trinity church nave S benches [5743] 1977-04-14
15c benches.

Marlingford Old Hall 1679 [5058] 1966-06-04
Bears the date 1608 in stone and 1679 in irons and the initials C I for the builder Clement Jermy.
Marlingford river Yare above mill [B585] 1933-06-11
From the mill sluice.
Marlingford river Yare weir [B586] 1933-06-11
Marlingford watermill on Yare north side [3234] 1939-08-08
Marlingford watermill on Yare south side [3235] 1939-08-08
Marlingford Watton Rd cottages near Barford [7016] 1993-06-15
From SW.
Marlingford Watton Rd cottages near Barford [7013] 1993-06-15
From SE.
Marlingford rural scene with 2 horses [B582] 1933-06-11
Marlingford rural scene with 4 horses [B581] 1933-06-11
Marlingford St Mary's church from SE [3426] 1940-05-19
Marlingford St Mary's church Norman S door [3427] 1940-05-19

Marsham All Saints church from SW [6854] 1992-06-21
Mainly Perpendicular.

Martham St Mary's church from SE [6551] 1989-06-14
Martham St Mary's church chancel flushwork [6552] 1989-06-14
South wall, chequered flushwork.
Martham St Mary's church font E and NE side [3684] 1948-03-27
Seven sacrament font. Panels Extreme Unction and Baptism.

Matlask St Peter's church from SE [6970] 1993-05-09
The chancel collapsed in 1726.
Matlask St Peter's church tower [6969] 1993-05-09
The round tower probably Norman with Decorated octagonal top.

Mattishall All Saints church south side [1538] 1937-03-27
Mattishall All Saints church tower [6182] 1981-05-23
Late 14c tower with rectangular buttresses halfway up and thence angle buttresses.

Mattishall Burgh:
Mattishall Burgh St Peter's church from NW [6177] 1981-05-23
The lower part of the tower is 13c.

Mautby Ss Peter and Paul church tower [4055] 1951-10-06
The Norman round tower has several courses of gingerbread stone around the lower part.

Melton Constable:
Melton Constable St Mary's church ruin S [5966] 1978-08-16
Tower of the ruined church of St Mary, Burgh Parva. Site absorbed into the parish of Melton Constable.
Melton Constable St Peter's church from SE [6403] 1986-06-25
The central tower is Norman and built of local carstone. The south transept was built by Sir Jacob Astley in 1681.

Merton Hall east front [5819] 1977-06-09
19c. The 17c hall which adjoined to the south-west was destroyed by fire January 1956.
Merton Hall gatehouse R G 1620 [5818] 1977-06-09
Built by Richard de Grey in 1620.
Merton Hall rear and gatehouse [5820] 1977-06-09
Merton St Peter's church tower from SW [5710] 1976-08-26
Base of round tower probably pre-conquest, but remainder mainly Norman.
Merton St Peter's church S aisle window [5817] 1977-06-09
South aisle and chancel windows 14c.

Methwold old vicarage from NW [5870] 1977-09-15
A timber framed house built in the time of Henry VII, with moulded brick chimney-stack in gable end.
Methwold old vicarage half timbered W front [5959] 1978-08-15
Methwold old vicarage brick north gable [5958] 1978-08-15
Methwold old vicarage brick north gable [5961] 1978-08-15
Methwold old vicarage ceiling and mantel [5960] 1978-08-15
Ground floor interior. Carved ceiling beams.
Methwold St George's church from SE [5871] 1977-09-15
14c tower with 15c drum and spire.
Methwold St George's church archbraced roof [5872] 1977-09-15
Arch-braced tiebeam roof of nave view west.

Metton Manor farmhouse [5019] 1965-08-27
Elizabethan or Jacobean.
Metton Manor farmhouse [7315] 1996-05-19
Metton St Andrew's church from SE [7313] 1996-05-19
Metton St Andrew's church from NE [7314] 1996-05-19
Metton St Andrew's church tower north side [5987] 1978-08-25
The tower was built up to the western boundary and to allow processions to pass round the church, arches were placed in the north and south walls.

Middleton Tower gatehouse from SW [4485] 1958-07-03
The gatehouse is part of the house built in the mid 15c by Lord Scales, writer of several of the Paston letters. The moated brick house adjoining was reconstructed in 1860.
Middleton Tower gatehouse north side [4484] 1958-07-03
Middleton St Mary's church from SE [7322] 1996-05-31
Early English chancel. Plate tracery in the two-light windows.

Mileham churchyard Cross [7194] 1995-06-17
West of the church.
Mileham St John Baptist church south side [7192] 1995-06-17
Mileham St John Baptist church from NE [7193] 1995-06-17
The east side of the tower. The lower part of 13-14c acts as a porch. It has a traceried stone parapet.

Mintlyn St Michael's church ruin gable [5671] 1976-08-21
Fragmentary ruins. The Norman doorway mentioned by Claude Messent being here in 1931 has disappeared.

Morley St Botolph:
Morley St Botolph's church from SE [5785] 1977-05-21
The nave and tower gutted by fire in 1959, but later restored.
Morley St Botolph's church from SE [6993] 1993-05-30

Morley St Peter:
Morley St Peter Old Hall east front [3974] 1950-10-07
An Elizabethan mansion, moated and of red brick, once the seat of the Sedleys. Restoration in progress in 1950.
Morley St Peter Old Hall NE wing [3973] 1950-10-07
Morley St Peter Old Hall west side N half [3972] 1950-10-07
Morley St Peter Old Hall west side S half [3971] 1950-10-07
Morley St Peter's church south side [6994] 1993-05-30
Mainly Perpendicular but chancel partly rebuilt in 1849.
Morley St Peter's church tower [6995] 1993-05-30

Morningthorpe St John Baptist church SE [6957] 1993-01-03
Morningthorpe St John Baptist church tower [6956] 1993-01-03
Round tower, "probably pre-conquest" (H Munro Cautley)
Morningthorpe St John Baptist church font S [6928] 1992-10-31
East Anglian type.

Morston All Saints church from SE [4925] 1965-08-12
Morston All Saints church interior view W [3915] 1950-07-24
14c arcades with round piers.
Morston All Saints church screen N panels [4926] 1965-08-12
15c screen. The four Latin doctors of the church.

Morton Fakenham Rd Weston House lodge gate [6843] 1992-06-15
Morton Fakenham Rd former White Horse PH [3229] 1939-08-08
Morton St Margaret's church tower ruin [6844] 1992-06-17
The tower collapsed in 1959. It had a circular window which established an Anglo-Saxon date.
Morton St Margaret's church porch and nave [6845] 1992-06-17
Morton on the Hill. Ruined porch and south side of nave.

Moulton St Mary:
Moulton St Mary's church south side [7345] 1996-06-23
"The nave and chancel seem to be c1300." (Pevsner)
Moulton St Mary's church tower and porch [6029] 1979-08-06
Norman round tower.
Moulton St Mary's church south porch [7347] 1996-06-23
The Tudor brick porch has a sundial on the south-west corner.
Moulton St Mary's church Jacobean pulpit [7346] 1996-06-23
With backboard and canopy.

Moulton St Michael:
Moulton St Michael's church from SE [7385] 1996-08-16
Tower rebuilt c1887 but it retains the Norman tower arch.
Moulton St Michael's church pillar piscina [5718] 1976-08-27
Knopped Norman pillar piscina. SE corner of chancel.
Moulton St Michael's church font [7386] 1996-08-16
East Anglian type. The S, SE and E sides. The bowl has four flowers and the signs of the evangelists in its panels.

Mulbarton World's End PH [2935] 1939-04-09
Mulbarton World's End PH [7050] 1993-08-13
Mulbarton cottages and pond [2936] 1939-04-09
Mulbarton Low Common Georgian house [4860] 1964-08-29
Mulbarton old house and Tradesman's Arms PH [4859] 1964-08-29
Mulbarton Paddock farmhouse 18c [7049] 1993-08-13
Mulbarton thatched cottages NW of church [2937] 1939-04-09
Mulbarton St Mary Magdalene church from SW [4858] 1964-08-29
Built by Sir William de Hoo, a great soldier, who died in 1410.
Mulbarton St Mary Magdalene Hooke tomb [5422] 1974-09-11
South side of Hooke family tomb, early 19c, in churchyard.

Mundesley housing of wheel from former mill [7686] 1999-09-19
Wheelhouse preserving the overshot wheel from the watermill on the Mun brook, burnt down in 1956. The wheel was restored and turning again in 1965 but wasn't in 1999.
Mundesley All Saints church south side [7060] 1993-08-18
Restored from a ruinous state in 1904 and 1914.

Mundford St Leonard's church from SE [7001] 1993-06-05
The tower was rebuilt in the mid 19c. The nave is Decorated.

Mundham old clay lump farmhouse [3358] 1940-03-25
Mundham St Ethelbert's church ruin from NE [3357] 1940-03-25
NE corner of chancel.
Mundham St Peter's church from SE [3356] 1940-03-25
14c chancel.
Mundham St Peter's church Norman south door [3352] 1940-03-25
Mundham St Peter's church Norman south door [3353] 1940-03-25
Mundham St Peter's church Norman south door [3355] 1940-03-25
Norman doorway ornamented with five orders.
Mundham St Peter's church interior view E [3354] 1940-03-25
Mundham St Peter's church royal arms board [5092] 1966-09-17
North wall of nave. 1743.

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