Norwich River Events

Ship Rotterdam moored near Foundry Bridge [0141] 1934-06-28
Wherry Albion rounding bend at Cow Tower [3828] 1949-10-14
Refitted in 1949 by the Norfolk Wherry Trust in order that at least one of these typically Norfolk trading vessels should continue to be seen plying its course along the County's rivers and broads. The Wherry Albion is seen here proceeding along the Wensum at Norwich on 14th October 1949 - the day following its maiden voyage from Yarmouth to Norwich after having been refitted.
Wherry Albion going downstream at Cow Tower [3829] 1949-10-14
Wherry Albion toward Bishop Bridge [3830] 1949-10-14
Wherry Albion passing Pull's Ferry [3831] 1949-10-14
Wherry Albion toward Foundry Bridge [3832] 1949-10-14
Wherry Albion moored at Old Barge Yard [3833] 1949-10-14
King St.
Wherry Albion moored at Old Barge Yard [3834] 1949-10-14
Pavillon D'Or at Foundry Bridge downstream [4009] 1951-06-28
Visit of the Fleet of the Pavillon d'Or to Norwich - the first visit to England of this International Cruise since its inception in 1937. A contribution to the Norwich Festival. June 1951.
Pavillon D'Or at Foundry Bridge upstream [4010] 1951-06-28
Flood level gauges New Mills Yard [4640] 1961-08-27
Recording Norwich Flood levels 1570-1912. Boy's height 4 feet. [The photographer's younger son, Jonathan, aged 6]
Pull's Ferry cofferdam for pipe laying [4749] 1963-10-05
Port anniversary rowers from Oulton Broad [6285] 1983-10-02
A flotilla of various kinds of rivercraft sailed from Oulton Broad via Haddiscoe New Cut to arrive at the Hotel Nelson by Foundry Bridge.
Port anniversary wherry Olive [6286] 1983-10-02
Lowering her sail.
Port anniversary steam boat Phaeton [6287] 1983-10-02
Norwich as a Port, 150th anniversary.
Port anniversary general view Hotel Nelson [6288] 1983-10-02
"The Regal Lady" on right.
Training ship The Lord Nelson [7589] 1998-09-27
Training ship Alnmouth [7590] 1998-09-27
Foundry Bridge dredger working north of [7801] 2001-02-09
Foundry Bridge dredger working view north [7802] 2001-02-09
Training ship The Lord Nelson [7824] 2001-05-10
Norwich Sea Cadets. Floating restaurant behind.
Foundry bridge yacht station [7856] 2001-10-05

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett