Norwich Public Buildings

Agricultural Hall Plain Head Post Office [2494] 1938-06-20
Erected 1866 as the Crown Bank, architect P.Hardwick.
Prince of Wales Rd Head Post Office lit [1627] 1937-05-13
Hardwick House lit for coronation celebrations.
Agricultural Hall Plain Agricultural Hall [2493] 1938-06-20
Erected 1882, architect John Bond Pearce.
Agricultural Hall Plain theatre by night [0381] 1935-02-28
In temporary use as a repertory theatre.
Agricultural Hall Plain Royal Hotel [6464] 1987-05-25
Opened 16th November 1897, architects Boardman and son.
All Saints Green Bond's store [4384] 1955-09-19
Erected 1952, architects J.Owen Bond and son.
All Saints Green 23 to 25 Bond's extension [2430] 1938-05-29
Robert Herne Bond, who was born at Ludham, Norfolk, 1844, commenced business in Essex, but moved to a shop in Ber St in 1879. Over the years adjoining property was gradually acquired, so that by 1939 the store extended through to All Saints' Green and included a large arcade.
The last extension to be built before the outbreak of the Second World War was on the site of 23-25 All Saints' Green. Erected in 1938, it had but a brief existence before succumbing to the flames. Its upper front had been designed to harmonise with that of its neighbour, the Thatched, being constructed with vertical timbers alternating with red brickwork. A pleasing gable above a large oriel window to the left and a small dormer in the centre or the steeply pitched roof completed the illusion of "medieval Norwich".
All Saints Green Norwich Union north tower [4714] 1962-09-09
All Saints Green Norwich Union crescent [4710] 1962-09-07
Anglia Square H M Stationery Office [6651] 1990-10-04
Opened 1969, architect Alan Cooke.
St Augustine's St Swimming pool [4720] 1962-09-14
Opened 9th March 1961, architect David Percival.
Bank Plain Barclays Bank [6694] 1991-06-09
Erected 1927-30, architects Brierly and Rutherford of York and Edward Boardman of Norwich.
Barrack St 112 former brewery offices [7747] 2000-04-23
Former offices of Steward and Patteson's brewery.
Bedford St view Corn Exchange east side [4757] 1964-04-18
Bedford St 14 Butchers store [7732] 2000-02-13
Victorian period drapery store.
Ber St 23 Agriculture House farmers' union [4396] 1955-09-26
National Farmers' Union, Norfolk branch, erected 1952.
Ber St 110 King and Sons' offices [4381] 1955-09-17
Erected 1953.
Bethel St Hospital north front [4651] 1961-09-19
This is the building from which the street obtained its name. Built in 1713, the Bethel is one of the oldest mental hospitals in the country. Although no longer housing inmates, it is still in use as a psychiatric outpatients' department and so adheres to the instructions carved on its foundation stone that it "is not to be alienated or employ'd to any other use or purpose whatsoever".
Its foundress was Mary Chapman, the widow of the Reverend Samuel Chapman, rector of Thorpe St Andrew. Both of them had relations afflicted with mental illness and it was no doubt this, and the fact that many such sufferers – particularly the poor and destitute – were treated like rogues and vagabonds, that gave Mary and her husband the idea of building such a refuge.
Much of the Queen Anne building remains. It is best seen from the garden at the back, the Bethel St frontage being a modern addition erected in 1899 during the chairmanship of John Youngs, architect E.Boardman.
Bethel St Hospital precinct west side cells [6506] 1988-08-06
From site of Ladies' garden.
Bethel St Hospital south front from garden [6505] 1988-08-06
From site of Ladies' croquet lawn. 18c. Carpenter, Richard Starling. Mason, Edward Freeman.
Bethel St 34 Country and Eastern doorway [7828] 2001-06-26
Modern entrance.
Bethel St 34 Country and Eastern warehouse [7792] 2001-01-06
Former roller skating rink. Opened 1876, closed as such 1882.
Bethel St YMCA recreation hall [4716] 1962-09-09
Erected 1961-52.
Bishopgate Crown Court House [6501] 1988-06-24
Erected 1987-88.
Bowthorpe Rd West Norwich Hosp offices [7798] 2001-01-28
Former isolation hospital, opened 1893.
Bowthorpe Rd West Norwich Hosp lodge [7799] 2001-01-28
Former isolation hospital. Medical officer's residence, gate keeper's lodge etc.
Bowthorpe Rd West Norwich Hosp Woodlands Ho [7796] 2001-01-28
Woodlands House. Built 1923.
Bowthorpe Rd West Norwich Hosp nurses' home [7790] 2000-12-11
Bowthorpe Rd West Norwich Hosp infirmary [7797] 2001-01-28
Upper part of the former Poor Law infirmary, built 1858-59, in background.
Castle Meadow 7 former printing works [7791] 2000-12-17
Formerly Fletcher's printing works.
Cattlemarket St Old Drill Hall [7784] 2000-10-23
Chapelfield shopping mall interior [7964] 2005-09-28
Crown Rd Royal Mail sorting office [5898] 1978-04-25
Duke St Higher Grade School former [7726] 2000-02-02
Opened 25th October 1889, designed by Mr J.H.Brown, architect to the School Board, built by J.Youngs and son.
University Library [6655] 1990-10-04
University of East Anglia, built 1965, architect Denys Lasdun.
University central court and waterfall [6656] 1990-10-04
University Norfolk Terrace residences [6652] 1990-10-04
University Sainsbury Centre from south [6653] 1990-10-04
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, built 1976-77, architects Norman Foster and Kho Liang Ie.
University Henry Moore sculpture [6654] 1990-10-04
Bronze. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.
Exchange St Corn Exchange west side [2513] 1938-06-26
Opened 9th November 1861. Designed by Thomas Barry and H.Butcher. Building contractors Lings and Balls. Roofing contractors Barnard, Bishop and Barnard.
Exchange St Norfolk House east side [4246] 1954-05-12
Erected 1951, architect A.Wright. Modelled from Halmstad Town Hall, Sweden.
Haymarket 11 Haymarket Chambers [6680] 1991-05-14
Erected 1902, architect George Skipper.
Haymarket Peter Robinson's store [4676] 1962-06-17
Hospital Lane Lakenham First School [6657] 1990-10-12
Built 1863 as Anguish's Hospital School of Housecraft for Girls.
Ipswich Rd City College [6683] 1991-05-20
Opened 8th October 1953, architect J.G.Hannaford.
King St Lads' Club George V Memorial Hall [7453] 1997-06-01
Built 1937.
Knox Rd H M Prison [6511] 1988-08-17
Opened 2nd August 1887, designed by the Surveyor to the Prison dept and built by W. and T.Denne of Walmer Kent.
London St 1 to 7 Jarrold's store [6687] 1991-05-20
Building commenced 1903, architect George Skipper.
London St 7 Jarrold's store [6500] 1988-06-22
Built 1896, architect George Skipper.
London St 45 to 51 NatWest bank [6469] 1987-06-01
National Westminster Bank. Erected 1924, architects Palmer and Holden.
London St 57 former Eastern Daily Press [6666] 1991-04-29
Former Eastern Daily Press office, architects Edward Boardman and son. Stone front designed by F.Graham Cotman, erected 1900.
London St 30 [6504] 1988-07-31
London and Provincial Bank. Built 1907, architect George Skipper.
Magdalen St 132 Blind Institute [4908] 1965-05-19
Rebuilt 1891.
Magpie Rd Tawell House Blind Association [7876] 2002-04-06
N and N association for the blind.
Market Avenue Shirehall Chambers [6613] 1990-06-16
Built 1908-09 as an extension to the Shire House to house departmental offices.
Market Avenue Shire House Shirehall [4369] 1955-09-01
Erected 1822, enlarged 1887, architect William Wilkins the younger.
Market Avenue Anglia House TV offices [6614] 1990-06-16
Built 1982, architects Feilden and Mawson.
Guildhall Hill Subscription Library [4368] 1955-08-24
Norfolk and Norwich Subscription Library, erected 1837, architects Darkins and Blake.
In Dove St near its junction with Pottergate once stood the premises of Daniel Hurn, ropemaker, where a massive fire started on 1st August 1898. Spreading rapidly to the adjoining warehouse of Chamberlin and Son, which it quickly consumed, the blaze also gutted the Subscription Library, resulting in the loss of most of its 60,000 volumes.
The Edinburgh public house standing at the corner of the two streets managed, by some miracle, to escape the inferno. Four days later, though, weakened by the loss of adjoining premises, it suddenly fell with an enormous crash, seriously injuring two or three people. Above its doorway was a stone dated 1586 and inscribed S R M - the initials of former owners Richard and Mary Scottow. The cellars beneath, however - an upper and a lower one - were believed to be those of a much earlier house, probably of the 13c, once occupied by the city's Elizabethan printer, Anthony Solempne.
After the fire the site was surrounded by an advertisement hoarding. It remained vacant until a few years ago when two or three new shops were built facing Dove Street.
Market Place 16 to 19 The Walk Lloyds Bank [6686] 1991-05-20
Lloyds Bank. Built 1928, enlarged 1936-37, architect H.Munro Cautley.
Martineau Lane County Hall construction SE [5126] 1967-03-23
Martineau Lane County Hall construction SW [5127] 1967-03-23
Martineau Lane County Hall main entrance [6684] 1991-05-20
Opened 24th May 1968 by H.M.Queen Elizabeth II, architect Reginald H.Uren.
Orford Place Burlington Buildings [6696] 1991-06-09
Built 1904, architect J.Owen Bond.
Pitt St St Crispin's Hall [5144] 1967-05-20
Opened 12th September 1939.
Prince of Wales Rd Great Eastern Hotel [4752] 1963-10-12
111 Prince of Wales Rd, during demolition.
Prince of Wales Rd Nelson Hotel [7712] 1999-11-12
Built 1969, architects Feilden and Mawson.
Prince of Wales Rd 2 and L Upper King St 19 [7704] 1999-10-18
Princes St United Reformed Lecture Rooms [6659] 1990-10-12
Opened 17th January 1881, architect Edward Boardman.
Quayside former school building [7749] 2000-05-05
Former Quayside Boys and special school.
Queen St 2 to 4 former Bally shoe factory [7737] 2000-03-19
Red Lion St 9 to 15 [6508] 1988-08-06
9 (on right) built 1903 for Charles Larking Chartered Accountant, architect George Skipper.
Red Lion St 15 to 25 Anchor Buildings [7927] 2003-04-05
Redwell St Norfolk News company [4527] 1959-08-29
Erected 1959, architects Yates, Cook and Derbyshire.
Rose Lane Tudor Hall [6457] 1987-05-19
Built 1900.
Rouen Rd Prospect House newspaper office [6675] 1991-05-12
Eastern Counties Newspapers, erected 1969, architect Ronald Sims.
Rouen Rd Prospect House bronze sculpture [7750] 2000-05-06
By Prof.Bernard Meadows, 1968.
St Crispin's Rd Cavell House [7563] 1998-07-19
St George St former Edward VI Middle School [7703] 1999-10-18
Opened 1862, ceased 1910.
St George St School of Art [6623] 1990-07-12
Norwich School of Art, former Technical Institute, built 1899, architect A.E.Collins.
St Giles' St 7 former Daily Standard office [6534] 1989-03-20
Former "Daily Standard" office, architect George J.Skipper.
St Giles' St 47 Masonic Club [6522] 1988-08-26
Built 1905, architect Havers.
St John Maddermarket Norfolk House W side [4367] 1955-08-24
St Martin's Palace Plain Magistrates' Court [6417] 1986-07-16
Erected 1985. Designed by Frank Tucker, County Architect.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital entrance [4383] 1955-09-19
Central block, erected 1882, architects T.H.Wyatt and E.Boardman.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital original [6459] 1987-05-19
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital SW wing [6460] 1987-05-19
Part of original 1771 building incorporated into the 1879-83 outpatient department.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital main block [7355] 1996-07-07
Completed 1974, architect Michael Everitt.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital maternity [7356] 1996-07-07
Outpatient department, opened 1971, and Maternity block, completed 1968.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital dispensary [7599] 1998-10-25
Dispensary and visitors' waiting room St Stephen's Rd, built 1927.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital east ward [7600] 1998-10-25
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital A and E [7755] 2000-06-16
And maternity tower block.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital nurse home [7756] 2000-06-16
Leicester Nurses' home. Opened 1903, architects Boardman and son.
St Stephen's St Marks and Spencer's store [6695] 1991-06-09
Originally built for Bunting's in 1912, architect A.F.Scott. An early example of reinforced concrete. The attic storey of hanging tiles was destroyed in an air raid in 1942 and never replaced.
St Stephen's St 40 to 46 formerly Woolworth [7915] 2003-02-18
Sainsbury's when built in the 1960s. Now the site of an entrance to the Chapel Field shopping mall.
St Stephen's St 48 QD former Coop store [7720] 1999-11-28
Erected 1903.
St Swithin's Alley St Swithin's Hall [6650] 1990-09-28
Built 1908. West side.
Surrey St bus station booking office [7695] 1999-10-13
Opened 1936.
Surrey St bus station NW corner [7688] 1999-09-26
Surrey St bus station NW side [7687] 1999-09-26
Surrey St Norwich Union Surrey House lit [2822] 1938-10-27
Erected 1901, architect George J.Skipper.
Surrey St Norwich Union Surrey House [4372] 1955-09-01
Surrey St Norwich Union from bus station [4711] 1962-09-07
Built 1959-62, architects Sir Thomas P.Bennett and son.
Surrey St Norwich Union Sentinel House [7741] 2000-03-19
Queen's Rd Norwich Union office [7719] 1999-11-28
Sentinel House.
Surrey St Norfolk Tower from south [7591] 1998-10-02
Built 1971, architects Furze and Haydon.
Theatre St Assembly House east wing [1015] 1936-06-11
From The Chantry.
Theatre St Assembly House from Chantry [2792] 1938-09-05
Theatre St Assembly House Georgian doorway [0398] 1935-03-19
Main entrance.
Theatre St Assembly House main facade [3993] 1951-05-31
Built 1754, architect Thomas Ivory. Built on the site of the College of St Mary in the Fields. The College was founded some time before 1250 and suppressed in 1545. The site, after passing through several hands, came in 1609 to the Hobart family. A mansion known as Chapel Field House had been built here, the east and west wings of which were retained when in the mid-18c the remainder was demolished and the present building erected. From 1877 until 1933 this was occupied by the Norwich High School for Girls. After the second World War it was restored as an Assembly House of Arts through the great generosity of Mr H.J.Sexton.
Theatre St Assembly House north front [0484] 1935-04-20
Theatre St Assembly House rear from SW [7725] 2000-01-07
From Chantry Rd.
Thorpe Rd Norwich Thorpe railway station [4378] 1955-09-08
Rebuilt 1886, architect G.E.R.Co's Engineer R.Wilson.
Thorpe Rd railway station platform 2 [7699] 1999-10-17
Turner Rd Wensum School with bell turret [7795] 2001-01-28
Formerly Wensum View school.
Unthank Rd 4 to 14 Milk Marketing Board [3386] 1940-04-30
Erected 1939, architect Layton.
Unthank Rd 4 to 14 Milk Marketing Board [3387] 1940-04-30
King St Upper 19 Norwich Union branch [4279] 1954-08-25
King St Upper 2 [7706] 1999-10-31
Westlegate Norwich Union iron gates [2118] 1938-03-06
Old Amicable Insurance Society's Gates, from Serjeants Inn London c1842, moved to Westlegate 1937.
Westlegate Norwich Union Life office [2432] 1938-05-29
Erected 1937.
Westlegate Westlegate House construction [4590] 1961-04-16
"Glass Tower" from All Saints Green. Under construction 1960-61, architect E.G.Burgoine of Chaplin and Burgoine.
Westlegate Westlegate House from Timberhill [7353] 1996-07-07
Wherry Rd Riverside Swimming pool [7921] 2003-03-15
Opened 7th March 2003, architects Charter Partnership, Ipswich.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett