Norwich New Housing Estates

Cooper Lane estate site view to Lakenham [B515] 1933-04-08
View across Sandy Lane and the railway towards Old Lakenham church.
Barrack St Bargate Court view NW [2428] 1938-05-29
Three-storied council flats, erected 1936.
Union St east side council flats [3010] 1939-05-25
Two-storied council flats, erected 1938.
Harvey Lane Heartsease surface drainage [4225] 1953-10-25
As it was seen that all the land available in the city for house-building would be utilised within a few years, and area to the north-east (including the old Mousehold Aerodrome site) was in 1950 brought within the city boundary. Before houses could be erected, arrangements for linking the site with the sewerage system had to be made, and in 1953 tunnelling began in Harvey Lane for the surface drainage. Cranes in Harvey Lane were at the heads of shafts connecting with the tunnel, and were used in the removal of earth, and the lowering of the pre-cast concrete segments used in the formation of the drain walls.
Plumstead Rd Heartsease PH surface drainage [4226] 1953-10-25
Heartsease Lane surface drainage [4227] 1953-10-25
By Orchard Close.
Heartsease Lane at Valley Drive view NW [4228] 1953-10-25
Valley Drive view east Heartsease airfield [4229] 1953-10-25
Salhouse Rd from Heartsease airfield view N [4230] 1953-10-25
Heartsease Lane at Salhouse Rd view SE [4231] 1953-10-25
Heartsease Lane drainage contractors' huts [4232] 1953-10-25
On west side of Heartsease Lane.
Heartsease Lane at Salhouse Rd view NW [4233] 1953-10-25
Union St Coach and Horses Row [4687] 1962-06-30
Erected 1961.
Kett's Hill post-war prefab homes [4707] 1962-09-01
Erected 1947.
Queen's Rd Alderson Place [4709] 1962-09-07
Erected 1959-60.
Midland St four-storied corporation flats [4717] 1962-09-09
Woodrow Pilling Park temporary chalets [6594] 1990-03-14
Temporary wooden chalets 1990 to house tenants of neighbouring estate whilst their permanent homes were being underpinned.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett