Norwich Monuments and Memorials

Bowthorpe Rd Jewish Cemetery [7892] 2002-07-14
Established in 1856.
Castle Meadow South African war memorial [2140] 1938-03-09
Erected in Castle Meadow 1903.
Castle Gardens Seaform sculpture [7739] 2000-03-19
Sculpted by Barbara Hepworth, 1964.
Chapel Field Gardens wooden crucifix [7752] 2000-05-06
Chapel Field Gardens William Kemp carving [7800] 2001-01-30
William Kemp's Morris dance ("Nine Daies Wonder") from London to Norwich in 1600. Carved by Mark Goldsworthy of Bungay, 2000.
Close The Edith Cavell grave [B262] 1932-05-00
Close The Edith Cavell grave [6992] 1993-05-24
Life's Green.
Close The Duke of Wellington statue [2154] 1938-03-12
Moved to The Close 1937.
Close The Duke of Wellington statue [7484] 1997-09-13
Close The Mother and Child sculpture [7773] 2000-10-01
By Norma Blake.
Close The Upper Square bronze sculpture [7778] 2000-10-15
Close The Lord Nelson statue [2467] 1938-06-18
Erected in Market Place 1852. Moved to The Close 1856.
Close The Lord Nelson statue [7485] 1997-09-13
Earlham Rd Cemetery first stone J Baldry [B534] 1933-04-14
J Baldry, died 1855.
Earlham Rd Cemetery barrack soldiers dying [B318] 1932-06-12
Memorial to soldiers dying at Norwich Barracks. Unveiled by Lord Waveney 17th October 1878.
Earlham Rd Cemetery military memorial [B319] 1932-06-12
Earlham Rd Cemetery Spirit of the Army [7481] 1997-09-10
Figure on finial of terracotta. Named by designer John Bell.
Earlham Rd Cemetery Garden of Remembrance [7715] 1999-11-27
University Henry Moore sculpture [6654] 1990-10-04
Bronze. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.
Gildencroft Friends' burial ground [6220] 1981-08-04
Haymarket Thomas Browne statue [2369] 1938-05-05
Erected in Haymarket 19th October 1905.
Malthouse Rd car park bomb sculpture [7736] 2000-03-01
The scene of great devastation caused by the air raids of 1942.
Market Place Duke of Wellington statue [B263] 1932-05-00
Erected in Market Place 1854.
Market Place City Hall Cenotaph [2845] 1938-11-05
Moved to front of City Hall September 1938.
Civic Week War Memorial wreath [2846] 1938-11-05
Wreath laid by the King on the Norwich war memorial.
Market Place Guildhall Cenotaph [B069] 1931-08-03
Erected at east end of Guildhall 1927.
Market Place Guildhall Cenotaph [B303] 1932-06-00
Market Place Guildhall Cenotaph at night [0321] 1934-11-26
Newmarket Rd Eaton Great War memorial [B535] 1933-04-14
Oak St Talbot Square Hebrew Cemetery [1514] 1937-03-26
When slum property was being cleared away between Oak St and Quakers Lane in 1936 a little-known Jewish cemetery was brought to view. Although no longer used for burials it was still being attractively gardened by a caretaker appointed by the city's Jewish community. Ten headstones, some with Hebrew inscriptions, testified to the one-time use of this small plot, which was opened for burials in 1813 and closed in 1856 when the Corporation cemetery at Bowthorpe Rd was opened. There had been an earlier cemetery on a site at the top of Mariners Lane, Ber St, granted by the Corporation early in the 18c. This cemetery had been used by the whole of the eastern counties until closed about a century later, but on the other hand this one at Oak St, adjoining Talbot Square, was used by the Norwich Community only.
Opie St Amelia Opie statue [7694] 1999-10-13
Amelia Opie in Quaker garb. Carved in wood by Z.Leon and then cast in artificial stone.
Rosary Rd Cemetery Emanuel Cooper mausoleum [7473] 1997-08-10
Rosary Rd Cemetery John Barker monument [7474] 1997-08-10
John Barker, killed at Cattlemarket 1897. While helping to set up Tombland fair, one of his wagons ran backwards and crushed him to death.
Rosary Rd Cemetery John Barker bust [7487] 1997-09-14
Rouen Rd Prospect House bronze sculpture [7750] 2000-05-06
By Prof.Bernard Meadows, 1968.
St Stephen's Rd N and N Hospital Charity [6324] 1985-05-31
"Charity" bronze statue by J.E.Boehm originally the centrepiece of a drinking fountain at Newmarket-Ipswich Rd junction. Moved to adjacent grounds of ex-N and N Hospital.
St Stephen's Rd William Fellowes plaque [7592] 1998-10-02
William Fellowes of Shotesham, founder of N and N Hospital in 1771, with tablet commemorating 1927 opening of new outpatients department in honour of those who died in the Great War.
Surrey St Norwich Union William Talbot [7359] 1996-07-07
William Talbot, Bishop of Oxford and founder of the Amicable Society.
Surrey St Norwich Union Samuel Bignold [7360] 1996-07-07
Sir Samuel Bignold, Secretary of the N.U.Fire Office 1854-57.
Surrey St Norwich Union Gaea bronze [7376] 1996-07-27
Gaea, Earth Mother, sculptor Colin Miller 1990.
Thorpe Rd station Sir Morton Peto bust [7614] 1999-03-13
Morton Peto, 1808-1889, Baptist, contractor, politician and philanthropist.
Tombland Edith Cavell monument [B260] 1932-05-00
Tombland Edith Cavell monument [4012] 1951-06-29
Tombland Edith Cavell monument resited [6961] 1993-03-28
Moved 1993.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett