Norwich Modern Parish Churches

St Alban's Lakenham from Grove Walk [2476] 1938-06-18
Foundation stone laid 4th August 1932. Consecrated 20th May 1937. Architect Cecil Upcher.
St Alban's Lakenham interior view east [2499] 1938-06-25
St Alban's Lakenham interior view west [2503] 1938-06-25
St Alban's Lakenham sanctuary [2504] 1938-06-25
St Alban's Lakenham south aisle east end [2502] 1938-06-25
St Alban's Lakenham south aisle from north [2506] 1938-06-25
St Alban's Lakenham south aisle west end [2501] 1938-06-25
St Alban's Lakenham chancel roof [2505] 1938-06-25
Painted concrete.
St Alban's Lakenham 15c font Jacobean cover [2500] 1938-06-25
15c font and restored Jacobean Cover from Knettishall church Suffolk. It retains a portion of the old lock.
St Anne's Earlham from SE [3060] 1939-06-11
Built 1927. Destroyed during air raid 1942. Bell from St Edmund's Fishergate.
St Anne's Earlham rebuilt from Colman Rd [4693] 1962-07-08
Rebuilt 1950-51, architect C.H.Dann.
St Barnabas' North Heigham from Russell St [4690] 1962-07-01
Built 1906. Modern version of Perpendicular.
St Bartholomew's N Heigham from Nelson St [4688] 1962-06-30
Built as Methodist Chapel in 1878. Adapted as a parish church 1956 by architect J.P.Chaplin.
St Catherine's Mile X from Mile Cross Rd [4699] 1962-08-10
Built 1935-6, architect Alban Caroe. Aylsham Rd.
Christchurch Eaton W side from Church Ave [B656] 1933-08-10
Built 1873. South Aisle added 1912, architects J.H.Brown and J.P.Pearce.
Christchurch New Catton from Magdalen Rd [4703] 1962-08-10
Built 1841, architect John Brown.
St Elizabeth's Earlham from Earlham Grove [4694] 1962-07-08
Chapel of Ease to St Anne.
St Elizabeth's Earlham Earlham Grove [6755] 1992-02-26
Built 1991-2 to replace St Anne's Chapel of Ease.
St Francis of Assisi Heartsease [4708] 1962-09-01
Built 1956-7, architect J.P.Chaplin. From Rider Haggard Rd.
Holy Trinity South Heigham from Essex St [4686] 1962-06-30
Built 1861 in late 13c style, architect William Smith of London.
Holy Trinity South Heigham from Trinity St [7822] 2001-05-08
St Leonard's Thorpe Hamlet from Ketts Hill [4692] 1962-07-07
Built 1907 as a Chapel of Ease to St Matthew. Demolished 1981.
St Luke's New Catton from Aylsham Rd [4700] 1962-08-10
Built 1914 of red brick in Gothic style. Demolished July 1989.
St Luke's centre New Catton Aylsham Rd [6679] 1991-05-14
Built 1990.
St Mark's New Lakenham from City Rd [2888] 1939-03-09
St Mark's New Lakenham from SE [7819] 2001-04-27
Built 1844 in modified Perpendicular style, architect John Brown.
St Mary Magdalene Pockthorpe from Silver Rd [4702] 1962-08-10
Built 1902-3, architect A.J.Lacey.
St Matthew's Thorpe Hamlet from Rosary Rd [4691] 1962-07-07
Built 1851 in modern Norman style, converted to offices 1983, architects John Brown and Robert Kerr.
St Matthew's Thorpe Hamlet St Matthew's Rd [6255] 1983-04-15
St Matthew's Thorpe Hamlet Telegraph Lane W [6254] 1983-04-15
St Michael's Bowthorpe from NE [6691] 1991-06-05
Church and community centre built 1985.
St Michael's Bowthorpe south side [6690] 1991-06-02
St Paul's Lakenham Tuckswood [4705] 1962-08-18
Tuckswood, built 1951. Chapel of Ease to St John the Baptist and All Saints.
St Paul the Hermit Pockthorpe Magdalen Rd [4701] 1962-08-10
Built 1956-7, architect J.P.Chaplin.
St Philip's Heigham from Stafford St [4689] 1962-07-01
Built 1870-1 in French 14c style, architect E.Power. Demolished 1977.
St Thomas' Heigham from Earlham Rd [4685] 1962-06-30
Built 1888 of red brick in Gothic style, architect Ewan Christian. Gutted by fire during 1942 air raid and reconstructed 1952.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett