Norwich Fair

Tombland fair swing boats [B549] 1933-04-17
The beginnings of the fair called "Tombland Fair" are very obscure. It seems to have had its origin in an annual synod just before Easter when a few stalls for refreshments and trinkets were erected on Tombland. It was formerly known as "Good Friday Fair" and was certainly held on that day until 1686 when a proclamation was made that in future it should be held on the day before Good Friday. Throughout most of the 20c it was held on the Castle Hill at Christmas and Easter.
Cattle Market fair Paratrooper [4894] 1965-04-19
Cattle Market fair Flying Boats [4895] 1965-04-19
Cattle Market fair Big Wheel [4896] 1965-04-19
Cattle Market fair Children's Roundabout [4897] 1965-04-19
Cattle Market fair Big Wheel Paratrooper [4898] 1965-04-19
Castle Meadow Christmas fair from mound [6954] 1992-12-24
From Christmas 1991 arrangements were made for the Easter and Christmas Fairs to be held on Castle Meadow which was closed to traffic for those occasions. For several years previously, because of the Castle Mall development, it had been held on the Bethel St car park and at the Livestock Market on Hall Rd, but reduced attendances forced its return to the city centre. Because of disruption to the bus company's timetables the fair was last held in Castle Meadow at Easter 1997.
Castle Meadow Christmas fair from mound [6955] 1992-12-24
Castle Meadow Easter fair view south [7437] 1997-03-29
Haymarket Easter fair view north [7438] 1997-03-29

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