Norwich Cathedral

St Ethelbert's Gate west side from Tombland [0127] 1934-06-17
Built in 1316 by the citizens as a recompense for the destruction of the Gate and adjoining Chapel of St Ethelbert during a conflict with the monks in 1272. The western pediment is an early 19c restoration.
St Ethelbert's Gate Jubilee floodlit [0529] 1935-05-05
St Ethelbert's Gate east side [2145] 1938-03-09
St Ethelbert's Gate south side [3836] 1949-10-14
St Ethelbert's Gate stone vaulting [3897] 1950-07-08
St Ethelbert's Gate stone vaulting [4778] 1964-06-27
Pull's Ferry Watergate east side [1009] 1936-06-11
Built in mediaeval times at the entrance to a canal leading to the Lower Square of The Close.
Pull's Ferry Watergate rebuilding east side [3835] 1949-10-14
Restored 1949.
Pull's Ferry Watergate E side illuminated [6746] 1991-11-08
Pull's Ferry Watergate west side [0012] 1934-01-09
Pull's Ferry Watergate rebuilding west side [3838] 1949-10-20
Former canal gate hinge on Close The 32 [4285] 1954-08-29
Above and to the right of where the down-pipe is fixed to the wall.
Alnwick Gate Bishop's Palace north side [0137] 1934-06-28
Alnwick Gate Bishop's Palace south side [5728] 1976-09-04
Alnwick Gate door [6499] 1988-05-20
Alnwick Gate door [6562] 1989-07-12
Bishop Salmon's Gate east side [5726] 1976-09-04
Formerly a porch to a Great Hall, now destroyed, built by Bishop Salmon early in the 14c.
Bishop Salmon's Gate north side [2101] 1938-03-03
Bishop Salmon's Gate west side [5727] 1976-09-04
Bishop Reynolds' chapel from NE [5725] 1976-09-04
Built by Bishop Reynolds 1661-76 reusing Bishop Salmon's 14c windows.
Bishop's Palace from Cathedral tower [1829] 1937-08-06
The Bishop's Palace, much altered in the 19c, still retains a miniature Norman keep.
Infirmary eastern ruined pillar [2152] 1938-03-12
Ruins of Monastic Infirmary, south of cloisters.
Infirmary three ruined pillars [2096] 1938-02-27
Ruins of Monastic Infirmary, south of cloisters.
Infirmary western pillar and blocked arches [7423] 1997-01-14
Ruins of Monastic Infirmary, south of cloisters.
Infirmary pillar revealed at The Close 63 [4207] 1953-08-30
Revealed after a fire at 63 The Close in 1942,
Monastic guest hall ruins east side [6632] 1990-08-13
West of cloisters.
Monastic guest hall ruins west side [2100] 1938-03-03
West of cloisters.
Norwich School-house mediaeval doorway [0440] 1935-04-13
Formerly a college for the priests who served the chantry.
Norwich School chapel [0751] 1935-09-12
Built as a chantry for six priests by Bishop Salmon in 1316. Approached by a beautiful vaulted porch with curious winding steps. The work of Bishop Lyhart (bishop 1446-73). Beneath the chapel is a stone-vaulted charnel house.
Norwich School chapel [B149] 1931-00-00
Norwich School chapel porch [0439] 1935-04-13
Erpingham Gate west side from Tombland [B449] 1932-09-25
Erected c1420 for Sir Thomas Erpingham. The work of Norfolk stonemason, Thomas Hindley.
Erpingham Gate Jubilee floodlit [0530] 1935-05-05
Erpingham Gate archway with figures [3868] 1950-06-15
Erpingham Gate north side carving detail [3869] 1950-06-15
Erpingham Gate east side [2143] 1938-03-09
Erpingham Gate east side restored [4429] 1956-05-15
Spire vista floodlit from SW [5732] 1977-03-12
Spire vista from Upper Close view NE [B572] 1933-06-07
Spire vista floodlit from SW [5733] 1977-03-12
Spire vista under repair from SW [4751] 1963-10-12
Tower 12c, and stone spire 15c. Repaired 1963.
Spire vista from Pull's Ferry view NW [1172] 1936-07-27
Spire vista from south [B077] 1931-08-03
Spire vista under repair from south [4748] 1963-10-05
West front [0144] 1934-07-01
Foundation stone laid at east end by Bishop Herbert de Losinga in 1096. He died in 1119 and building completed to west end by his successor Bishop Everard. The present west window put in by Bishop Lyhart in 15c under the will of Bishop Alnwick who had altered the central doorway.
West front coronation floodlit [1611] 1937-05-12
West front cleaned [1544] 1937-04-24
Cathedral West front COLOUR [2963] 1939-04-16
North aisle west end Norman doorway [5598] 1976-07-18
Great west doorway [6280] 1983-08-12
South aisle west end Norman doorway [5597] 1976-07-18
Great west doorway Mother Julian statue [7850] 2001-09-13
Carved by local artist David Holgate and dedicated September 30th 2001.
Great west doorway St Benedict statue [7849] 2001-09-13
Cloisters west wall exterior [6489] 1988-04-12
Cloisters Dark Entry at SE angle [0754] 1935-09-12
Cloisters eastern walk three 14c arches [2153] 1938-03-12
Arches formerly leading to the now demolished chapter house.
Cloisters SW angle [6635] 1990-09-03
Cloisters NE angle [1834] 1937-08-06
New refectory on Cloisters south side [7947] 2004-05-19
Dark Entry and restored library [7948] 2004-05-19
East side of cloisters.
South transept doorway and clock [6466] 1987-05-25
St Luke's chapel view NE [0151] 1934-07-04
Presbytery clerestory south side [6588] 1989-09-19
Built after the spire fell in 1362. Flying buttresses added a century later to support stone roof of Bishop Goldwell.
Lady chapel and flying buttresses east end [3266] 1939-09-20
Eastern Lady chapel construction north side [B241] 1932-04-00
Built in 1932 as a war memorial and replacing one which had been destroyed during the reign of Elizabeth I, the Eastern Lady Chapel was reconsecrated by the Bishop on 3rd May 1932.
Eastern Lady chapel completed from NE [B528] 1933-04-14
Chapel of Holy Martyrs exterior [4286] 1954-08-29
North transept Norman doorway [5723] 1976-09-04
North transept [5724] 1976-09-04
Nave view east [2344] 1938-04-16
Screen west side [2345] 1938-04-16
Nave view west [2342] 1938-04-16
Nave north arcade 9th pillar [2343] 1938-04-16
Nave south aisle view west [2346] 1938-04-16
Choir view west a week after organ fire [2331] 1938-04-16
Presbytery view east [2332] 1938-04-16
Choir stalls northern row [2328] 1938-04-16
Choir view west a week after organ fire [2327] 1938-04-16
Organ destroyed by accidental fire.
Lantern and choir arch [2333] 1938-04-16
Choir stalls northern row [2325] 1938-04-16
Bishop Goldwell's tomb north side [2317] 1938-04-16
Bishop Goldwell 1499. South side of Presbytery.
Bishop Goldwell's tomb south side [2316] 1938-04-16
Pelican lectern [2330] 1938-04-16
Episcopal throne or Bishop's seat [2320] 1938-04-16
Bishop's cathedra [2334] 1938-04-16
Reliquary arch north ambulatory [2318] 1938-04-16
Jesus chapel or Chapel of Holy Martyrs [2319] 1938-04-16
Or St Stephen chapel.
Lady chapel 13c archway [2321] 1938-04-16
Lady chapel [2329] 1938-04-16
Eastern Lady chapel built 1932.
South ambulatory view east [2323] 1938-04-16
Presbytery south arcade [2335] 1938-04-16
Remodelled in 16c.
North transept stone vaulting [2326] 1938-04-16
Vaulting erected by Bishop Nykke in 16c.
North transept from south [2324] 1938-04-16
St Luke's chapel font [2322] 1938-04-16
From the demolished church of St Mary in the Marsh.
Cloisters east walk view south [2340] 1938-04-16
Cloisters NE angle prior's doorway [2336] 1938-04-16
Cloisters south walk view east [2338] 1938-04-16
Cloisters east walk 9th bay roof boss [2341] 1938-04-16
"The Flagellation" central boss.
Cloisters SW angle lavatorium [2337] 1938-04-16
Cloisters south walk 12th bay roof boss [2339] 1938-04-16
"Michael and His Angels Fight the Dragon" central boss.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett