Norwich Castle Mall Development

Castle Hotel demolition start [6595] 1990-03-14
To give access to the mall precinct from White Lion St. Excavation of the former coach and car park in the foreground.
Cattle Market excavation from Bell Avenue [6608] 1990-05-24
View south from entrance to castle bridge.
Cattlemarket St Rose Avenue excavation SW [6612] 1990-06-16
The darker area (right) is the filled-in site of the outer castle ditch.
Castle Hotel demolished [6615] 1990-06-16
Site being cleared for the White Lion Gate entrance.
Farmers Avenue bridge for realigned road [6636] 1990-09-03
Bridge over the walkway that will connect the main part of the mall to the St John's Plain section.
Farmers Avenue reopening ceremony [6644] 1990-09-26
Castle Meadow reduced width view north [6645] 1990-09-26
Bailey bridge temporary over moat [6663] 1991-04-20
Castle Meadow from Castle mound [6664] 1991-04-20
Farmers Avenue bridge with decks below [6667] 1991-04-29
Bridge entrance lodges and excavation [6668] 1991-04-29
Access to lodges cut off.
Market Avenue car park entrance view [6676] 1991-05-12
Castle Gardens entrance opened 1990 tablet [6682] 1991-05-20
New entrance with tablet commemorating its opening on 16th November 1990.
Castle Meadow excavated tunnel entrance [6697] 1991-07-04
Tunnel under Castle Meadow to link White Lion St to the mall.
Castle Meadow excavated tunnel entrance [6698] 1991-07-04
Castle Hotel site with digger excavating [6699] 1991-07-04
Castle Meadow bridge [6730] 1991-08-25
Castle Meadow bridge two levels excavated [6748] 1991-11-09
Temporary bridge view east to lodges [6749] 1991-11-09
Castle Meadow and Castle Hotel site [6750] 1991-11-09
Temporary bridge view SE [6756] 1992-02-29
Temporary bridge view NE [6757] 1992-02-29
Temporary bridge view to Castle Meadow [6758] 1992-02-29
Castle mound view SE [6764] 1992-04-25
Cattlemarket St entrance [6782] 1992-05-16
Walls awaiting outer covering of brick and flint panelling.
Farmers Avenue entrance to new Castle road [6817] 1992-06-07
Temporary bridge view into mall galleries [6820] 1992-06-08
Temporary bridge view into mall galleries [6821] 1992-06-08
Farmers Avenue opening of new Castle road [6828] 1992-06-12
Opened by Toni Dutton, chairwoman of Norfolk Museums Committee.
Farmers Avenue Panhard Levassor on new road [6829] 1992-06-12
1899 Panhard Levassor car on loan from Strangers Hall museum, the first car to use the new road.
Farmers Avenue NE side construction [6847] 1992-06-20
Timberhill east side construction [6857] 1992-06-24
Mall roof girderwork [6904] 1992-08-11
Castle mound view south [6905] 1992-09-11
Castle battlements view SW to St Stephen's [6932] 1992-11-03
White Lion Gate building under construction in foreground.
Castle battlements view south to mall roof [6933] 1992-11-03
Castle mall nearing completion.
Castle battlements view SE to roof gardens [6934] 1992-11-03
White Lion Gate clock tower [6962] 1993-03-28
White Lion Gate Back of the Inns [6963] 1993-03-28
Castle Meadow Farmers Avenue entrance [6990] 1993-05-24
Market Avenue car park entrance [7026] 1993-06-30
Side of the former Duke's Palace bridge re-used.
Castle Meadow west side Virgin Megastore [7027] 1993-06-30
Farmers Avenue shops view SE [7036] 1993-07-25
Farmers Avenue shops view NW [7037] 1993-07-25
Timberhill St John's Plain entrance [7108] 1993-12-05
Timberhill St John's Plain entrance [7109] 1993-12-05
Mall interior view west [7118] 1994-04-05
Mall interior lifts in St John's section [7119] 1994-04-05
Demolition of unoccupied area for cinema [7611] 1999-03-04
Golden Ball St cinema construction [7617] 1999-05-02
From Golden Ball St.
Golden Ball St cinema construction [7618] 1999-05-02
Golden Ball St 18 restored [7731] 2000-02-11

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett