Norwich Boundary Crosses

Aylsham Rd Cross Mile Cross [1748] 1937-07-04
St Faith's Cross or Whyte-Crosse: at Mile Cross was moved a few yards in the 1930's to be in front of the then newly erected Mile Cross Inn.
Drayton High Rd Boundary Rd Cross [1747] 1937-07-04
Hellesdon Cross II: stands on the present city boundary at Drayton Rd. Restored 1902. 5 feet of the octagonal shaft is original.
Low Rd Hellesdon Cross St Mary's churchyard [1762] 1937-07-08
Hellesdon Cross I: stands 20 yards north-east of the churchyard. Restored 1902. 6 feet of the shaft is original.
Yare river Hardley Cross [1765] 1937-07-11
Hardley Cross: at the junction of the river Chet with the Yare. It marks the limit of the jurisdiction of the City of Norwich. Probably settled in the 15c as a result of a dispute between the City and Great Yarmouth. Shaft may date from 1676 when it was restored.
Other Norwich boundary crosses (not photographed) were at:
Trowse Bridge Cross: stated to be "in ye myddes of Trous brigge".
Carrow Cross: at the junction of Bracondale and King St "where Carrow stocks once stood".
Malkeny's or Our Lady's Cross: probably between Hall Rd and Grove Rd.
Needham Cross: "right south of the towne agenst Nedeham Houses" (Nedeham Gates were St Stephen's Gates).
Nether Erlam Cross.
Catton Cross: "in the highway towards Catton".
Sprowston or Magdalen Cross: on the north of the hospital of St Mary Magdalen (the Lazar house).
Thorpe Wood Cross: "in a certain way below a wood called Thorpe Wode which leads from Norwich to Possewyk over the hill called 'Leonardes Hyll'".

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett