Norfolk Street Furniture

Bintree whipping post [6165] 1980-09-15
Catton village sign of a Cat on a Tun [4560] 1960-06-25
Cawston village sign 1937 [3271] 1939-10-06
Cawston Duel Stone [5105] 1966-10-27
Marking the site of a duel between Oliver Le Neve and Sir Henry Hobart. 1698.
Cranworth parish stocks next to churchyard [7210] 1995-07-08
Cringleford Newmarket Rd early 19c pump [4771] 1964-05-23
Shalders patent iron fountain pump by roadside. One of a number formerly on the Norwich to Wymondham road to replenish boilers on a fleet of steam wagons.
Downham Market Victorian clock tower 1887 [7761] 2000-07-19
By William Cunliffe of London. Presented by James Scott 1878.
Gorleston on Sea Admiral Duncan's pump [5366] 1974-03-27
On the site of a well sunk by the direction of Admiral Lord Duncan, 1797, in order to provide water for H M vessels during the Napoleonic war.
Gt Yarmouth Broad Row wooden Scotsman sign [4971] 1965-08-23
Tobacconist's shop sign.
Grimston Victoria 1897 jubilee clock tower [7899] 2002-08-17
Guist George V 1935 jubilee clock tower [7505] 1997-10-05
Dedicated 6 May 1935.
Haveringland village stocks [7609] 1999-02-28
Hingham Market Place and town sign [4873] 1964-09-12
Holt 18c milestone pillar [7500] 1997-09-28
Showing distances to neighbouring villages.
Holt Victoria 1887 jubilee iron lampstand [7501] 1997-09-28
Sea Palling WW1 pill box [7918] 2003-02-25
Erected as a defence against possible invasion. Scratched on its wall the date 1918 and "RE".
Thorpe St Andrew River Green village sign [7696] 1999-10-13
Whitlingham wood sculpture man with snorkel [7955] 2004-10-02
Wormegay village Cross and sign [7405] 1996-09-15

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett