Norfolk Church Screens

Attleborough St Mary's church interior east [4978] 1965-08-25
Two Norman windows above screen, and supporting paintings to the rood.
Attleborough St Mary's church screen [4979] 1965-08-25
Groined screen and rood loft early 16c.
Barnham Broom Ss Peter and Paul church int [3474] 1940-07-12
15c screen.
Bawburgh Ss Mary and Walstan church screen [5783] 1977-05-21
Restored screen west side.
Bedingham St Andrew's church interior east [5549] 1976-06-05
15c screen.
Beeston Regis All Saints church screen N [6055] 1979-11-01
"A good groined screen with all the upper part renewed, but with a nice trail on middle rail and the twelve apostles below in their original colour."
Beeston Regis All Saints church screen S [4935] 1965-08-19
Beeston Regis All Saints church screen S [4746] 1963-08-19
Blofield St Andrew's church screen S panels [3405] 1940-05-11
Carbrooke Ss Peter and Paul church int east [5535] 1976-05-31
15c arcade and screen.
Catfield All Saints church screen west side [5741] 1977-04-13
Cawston St Agnes' church screen 15c view NE [3899] 1950-07-24
Complete with doors.
Cawston St Agnes' church screen south half [3901] 1950-07-24
E Harling Ss Peter and Paul 15c screen [5512] 1976-04-20
15c vaulted screen with earlier return screen in south aisle. Erected by the Harling family.
Edgefield Ss Peter and Paul interior NE [7426] 1997-02-08
The screen is dated 1526.
Edingthorpe All Saints church screen W side [5829] 1977-06-12
Fincham St Martin's church screen east side [5650] 1976-08-21
Fritton St Catherine's church interior east [3053] 1939-06-03
Rood screen panels 1510.
Fritton St Catherine's screen panels 1 2 [3051] 1939-06-03
Donors John Bacon, wife and family northern-most panels on north side.
Fritton St Catherine's screen panels 3 4 [3052] 1939-06-03
Saints Augustine and Jerome central panels on north side.
Fritton St Catherine's screen panels 5 6 [3050] 1939-06-03
Saints Gregory and Ambrose southern-most panels on north side.
Fritton St Catherine's screen panels 7 8 [3049] 1939-06-03
Saints Simon and Jude panels on south side.
Fundenhall St Nicholas' church interior SE [7379] 1996-08-11
Only the coving remains of the former screen.
Gateley St Helen's church screen west side [5687] 1976-08-23
Gateley St Helen's church south screen [5686] 1976-08-23
Depicting St Louis, Henry VI, St Augustine and Master John Schorne.
Gt Ellingham St James' church screen north [5002] 1965-08-25
North panels.
Gressenhall St Mary's church screen panels [5543] 1976-05-31
In south transept.
Griston Ss Peter and Paul screen pulpit [5792] 1977-05-21
15c screen. Stuart pulpit with backboard and canopy.
Happisburgh St Mary's church interior east [4607] 1961-05-25
14c arcades. 15c screen.
Hardwick St Margaret's church rood stairs [3450] 1940-07-09
Interior view NE, rood stairs and part of 15c screen.
Hemsby St Mary's church interior view east [B280] 1932-05-15
Modern screen and benches.
Holme Hale St Andrew's church screen W side [5708] 1976-08-26
Intricate tracery in central opening.
Irstead St Michael's church screen south [5738] 1977-04-13
Figures of the apostles.
Loddon Holy Trinity church screen panels [5083] 1966-09-10
15c screen. Fourth panel from right is St William of Norwich.
Ludham St Catherine's church screen north [3642] 1946-09-22
John Salmon and Cycyly his wife gave 14 pounds towards making the screen. 1493.
Morston All Saints church screen N panels [4926] 1965-08-12
15c screen. The four Latin doctors of the church.
N Burlingham St Andrew's church screen [3635] 1946-04-22
Pulham St Mary Virgin church screen W side [5697] 1976-08-24
Lower part ancient.
Ranworth St Helen's church screen west side [5250] 1969-04-09
15c screen. Probably the finest coloured screen in the country, with parcloses and side extensions which form reredoses to side altars.
Ranworth St Helen's church screen N half [5251] 1969-04-09
Ranworth St Helen's church wooden lectern [5253] 1969-04-09
15c lectern with versicle in setting of old music. And southernmost panel of rood screen depicting St Michael.
Salthouse St Nicholas' church screen south [5595] 1976-07-17
Panels of screen at west end of church.
Seething St Margaret's church screen W side [5090] 1966-09-17
Upper part modern, but base old, coloured and with diapered panels.
S Burlingham St Edmund's church screen [3631] 1946-04-22
S Repps St James' church screen west side [5885] 1977-10-30
The lower part of coved screen remains, with diapered panels.
S Walsham St Mary's church interior view E [5254] 1969-04-09
15c screen and late 15c benches with poppyheads.
Sparham St Mary Virgin church north screen [5675] 1976-08-23
North aisle 15c screen. Two panels depicting cadavers.
Strumpshaw St Peter's church interior east [3772] 1949-05-21
Square-headed screen.
Taverham St Edmund's church screen E side [2947] 1939-04-10
15c screen all painted brown and varnished.
Taverham St Edmund's church altar rails [5772] 1977-04-30
East side of southern half of altar rails, thought to be formerly part of a 14c screen from Thurgarton.
Thompson St Martin's church 3 decker pulpit [5711] 1976-08-26
14c screen and box pew.
Thorpe Market St Margaret's church int east [7070] 1993-09-24
"Is given its character by the coved, thinly ribbed ceiling and the screen… having glass with figures of Moses and Aaron."
Tilney All Saints church interior view NE [4408] 1955-10-06
Late Norman north arcade with screen 1618.
Tilney All Saints church S aisle screen [4409] 1955-10-06
Screen across west arch of south aisle. Early 17c font.
Trunch St Botolph's church screen [3854] 1950-05-28
Bearing the figures of the eleven apostles and St Paul. Legacy of John Gogle in 1498.
Tunstead St Mary's church screen west side [5258] 1969-06-14
16 feet 3 inches high to loft. Over it is the old rood beam braced and fully coloured.
Upper Sheringham All Saints rood screen [3919] 1950-07-25
15c rood screen and original rood beam.
Walpole St Peter's church screen S aisle E [6080] 1980-04-14
15c screen at east end of south aisle.
Walpole St Peter's church screen nave W end [6074] 1980-04-14
Jacobean screen at west end of nave, west side.
Walpole St Peter's church S aisle benches [6073] 1980-04-14
And screen.
Weston Longville All Saints church screen [6004] 1979-06-04
15c square-headed screen. West side.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett