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Saham Toney:
Saham Toney St George's church from NE [7009] 1993-06-05
The tower is 15c. The chancel reconstructed during the first half of 19c.

Salhouse All Saints church from SE [4929] 1965-08-16
The tower appears never to have been finished as it lacks a top storey. The church is entirely thatched.

Salle Ss Peter and Paul church south side [3272] 1939-10-06
Salle Ss Peter and Paul church north porch [3273] 1939-10-06
Salle Ss Peter and Paul tower [7839] 2001-07-22
And south transept from the east.
Salle Ss Peter and Paul west door [7838] 2001-07-22
Salle Ss Peter and Paul church interior E [3940] 1950-07-27
Salle Ss Peter and Paul chancel roof view W [3941] 1950-07-27
Central wooden bosses are carved with scenes from the life of Our Lord.
Salle Ss Peter and Paul 15c N transept roof [3939] 1950-07-27
Salle Ss Peter and Paul font cover bracket [3936] 1950-07-27
Seven sacrament font, cover and supporting bracket. 15c.
Salle Ss Peter and Paul church 15c pulpit [3937] 1950-07-27
With Jacobean backboard, canopy, prayer and clerk's desk.
Salle Ss Peter and Paul chancel misericords [3938] 1950-07-27
South side of chancel. 15c.

Salthouse St Nicholas' church from SW [5596] 1976-07-17
Salthouse St Nicholas' church interior west [5594] 1976-07-17
15c arcades.
Salthouse St Nicholas' church screen south [5595] 1976-07-17
Panels of screen at west end of church.

Sandringham House garden front [0184] 1934-08-08
Sandringham House formerly owned by the Hoste family, was bought for Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, by his mother Queen Victoria. He rebuilt it in 1870, architect A J Humbert. Enlarged in 1881-4 and again in 1892 after a fire the previous year which destroyed part of the upper storey. Architect Colonel R W Edis.
Sandringham House entrance east front [7897] 2002-08-17
Sandringham House York cottage [0188] 1934-08-08
Home of King George V and Queen Mary.
Sandringham House lake [0185] 1934-08-08
Sandringham House museum former stables [7898] 2002-08-17
Motor museum.
Sandringham House Norwich Gates [2531] 1938-07-09
Sandringham House Norwich Gates inside [7547] 1998-05-10
Designed by Thomas Jekyll, the gates were made by Barnard, Boulton and Barnard of Norwich. Shown at the Great Exhibition of 1862, and given by the county of Norfolk to the Prince of Wales as a wedding present. (Pevsner)
Sandringham House pagoda [0191] 1934-08-08
Wooden temple with Chinese Joss flanked by two stone Japanese beasts.
Sandringham House Chinese Joss [0190] 1934-08-08
Bronze statue plated in gold of the Buddhist divinity Kuvera. Brought from China in 1869 an inscription on the base indicates it was made in 1690.
Sandringham House floral display [0189] 1934-08-08
Sandringham House garden and dairy [0193] 1934-08-08
Sandringham House rockery and waterfall [0187] 1934-08-08
Sandringham House kitchen garden [0192] 1934-08-08
Sandringham St Mary Magdalene church from S [0186] 1934-08-08
A small carstone building consisting of a western tower, south porch, nave, transepts and chancel - all excessively restored. Some fine 15c glass in the tracery lights of the nave. Modern roofs and fittings. Many Royal memorials.

Santon All Saints church from NW [7417] 1996-12-29
Santon All Saints church from NE [7418] 1996-12-29
The nave was rebuilt in 1628 and the chancel added in 1858 with parts of the south transept of West Tofts church.
Santon All Saints church interior view NE [7420] 1996-12-29
Santon All Saints church chancel roof [7419] 1996-12-29

Saxlingham St Margaret's church south side [7110] 1994-03-06
Mostly Perpendicular but much restored in 1896.

Saxlingham Nethergate:
Saxlingham Nethergate thatched cottages [3056] 1939-06-03
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall [3038] 1939-05-29
The Old Hall was built in 1662 of stud and plaster brickwork and portions of clay lump. It replaced an earlier edifice which was the seat of the Gleane family, of whom Peter Gleane was Mayor of Norwich in 1615.
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall W front from NW [4199] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall W front from SW [4200] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall front garden [4202] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall rose garden [4198] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall S front and lawn [4201] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall Spanish garden [4196] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate Hall summerhouse [4197] 1953-07-26
Saxlingham Nethergate St Mary's church [3039] 1939-05-29
View of south side. Mainly Decorated in style, with some later windows inserted.

Saxlingham Thorpe:
Saxlingham Thorpe Duffield flour mill SW [7523] 1998-02-07
By the river Tas.

Saxthorpe St Andrew's church from NE [6819] 1992-06-07
Mostly 14c.
Saxthorpe St Andrew's church from SE [6818] 1992-06-07
A bell turret and small foiled circular window are above the chancel arch.

Scarning Ss Peter and Paul church from SE [7073] 1993-10-16
A two-storeyed vestry on the south side of the chancel was built in 1576 as a chantry chapel.

Scole White Hart Inn east front from north [4940] 1965-08-20
Built in 1655 by John Peck, a Norwich merchant. It was the most important coaching inn between Norwich and Ipswich. It once had the most expensive sign ever produced - it spanned the road and was adorned with much elaborate carved imagery.
Scole White Hart Inn east front from south [4939] 1965-08-20
Scole St Andrew's church from SE [4941] 1965-08-20
Mainly 14c. Reconstructed after being damaged by a fire which took place on 7 January 1963.
Scole St Mary's church tower ruin [4942] 1965-08-20
In Thorpe Parva.

Sco Ruston:
Sco Ruston St Michael's church from SE [5916] 1978-07-14
The church is mainly Decorated with some Perpendicular insertions. It consists of nave and chancel only, the roof being continuous as there is no chancel arch. Some ruins of the old tower remain at the west end.
Sco Ruston St Michael's church from W [5917] 1978-07-14
West gable with ruined tower fragment.
Sco Ruston St Michael's church roof view E [5915] 1978-07-14
Early 16c arch-braced roof.
Sco Ruston St Michael's church roof view W [5914] 1978-07-14

Scottow N Walsham Rd Three Horseshoes PH [6873] 1992-07-17
Scottow All Saints church tower and porch [6868] 1992-06-27
Slender tower.
Scottow All Saints church rood stair turret [6869] 1992-06-27
Exterior of rood stair turret and priest's door on south side of chancel.

Scoulton Holy Trinity church south side [5795] 1977-05-21
Scoulton Holy Trinity church tower [7925] 2003-03-18
"Early 14c square tower with what looks like the beginning of a broach spire, but terminating in an octagon."

Sculthorpe watermill on Wensum west side [7509] 1997-10-05
Sculthorpe watermill on Wensum east side [7508] 1997-10-05
A stone on the east side is dated 1757. It is no longer a mill having been converted in 1965 into an hotel and restaurant.
Sculthorpe All Saints church south side [6965] 1993-05-08
"Externally mostly Victorian (by Jekyll 1860-1). The chancel was rebuilt in 1847 (by R and J Brandon) and the south aisle added in 1860-1. Original south porch tower except for its top. This must be of the early 14c." (Pevsner)

Sea Palling:
Sea Palling WW1 pill box [7918] 2003-02-25
Erected as a defence against possible invasion. Scratched on its wall the date 1918 and "RE".
Sea Palling St Margaret's church from SE [6949] 1992-11-28
Mainly 14c. "The tops of the nave windows have been cut off by lowering the pitch of the roof."

Sedgeford St Mary's church from SE [5982] 1978-08-21
The round tower is probably Norman, the remainder mostly 13c and 14c.
Sedgeford St Mary's church font SE [5980] 1978-08-21
13c square font of Purbeck marble.
Sedgeford St Mary's church 16c chest [5981] 1978-08-21
Arabesque and pokerwork ornamentation.

Seething St Margaret's church from SE [3351] 1940-03-25
Thatched nave roof.
Seething St Margaret's church tower [5807] 1977-05-28
Early Norman round tower.
Seething St Margaret's church wall painting [5808] 1977-05-28
North wall of nave of St Christopher, 3 living and 3 dead etc.
Seething St Margaret's church font S and SE [5091] 1966-09-17
Seven sacrament font. S panel Ordination, SE panel Baptism of Our Lord.
Seething St Margaret's church screen W side [5090] 1966-09-17
Upper part modern, but base old, coloured and with diapered panels.

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