Norfolk Church Pulpits

Aslacton St Michael's church pulpit carving [5716] 1976-08-27
David and Goliath's head 17c carving. Beneath book-rest on pulpit.
Billingford St Leonard's church pulpit [4947] 1965-08-20
pulpit and rood stairs.
Brisley St Bartholomew's church pulpit [5678] 1976-08-23
Three-decker early 18c pulpit with sounding board.
Castle Acre St James' church 15c pulpit [3640] 1946-09-15
Catton St Margaret's church pulpit carving [6060] 1980-04-12
Catton St Margaret's church pulpit from SW [6059] 1980-04-12
Pulpit dated 1537 and has the Arms of the Guilds of Norwich.
Cley St Margaret's church 1611 pulpit [3909] 1950-07-24
Frenze St Andrew's church Jacobean pulpit [4937] 1965-08-20
With back board and canopy, with split baluster ornamentation. Reading desk.
Gt Dunham St Andrew's church pulpit piscina [7415] 1996-10-13
Jacobean carved oak pulpit and angle piscina with Norman pillar.
Griston Ss Peter and Paul screen pulpit [5792] 1977-05-21
15c screen. Stuart pulpit with backboard and canopy.
Heydon Ss Peter and Paul church 15c pulpit [3942] 1950-07-27
With Jacobean backboard and canopy.
Irstead St Michael's church pulpit and rood [5739] 1977-04-13
Elizabethan pulpit with linenfold panels, and rood stairs.
Lt Walsingham Abbey refectory interior [0682] 1935-08-13
Arcading and remains of pulpit.
Moulton St Mary's church Jacobean pulpit [7346] 1996-06-23
With backboard and canopy.
Necton All Saints church 17c pulpit [5529] 1976-05-31
Jacobean pulpit, backboard and canopy dated 1636.
Reepham St Michael's church Whitwell pulpit [3934] 1950-07-27
Jacobean pulpit with backboard and canopy.
Reymerston St Peter's church pulpit [5776] 1977-04-30
Jacobean 3 decker pulpit with backboard and canopy
Salle Ss Peter and Paul church 15c pulpit [3937] 1950-07-27
With Jacobean backboard, canopy, prayer and clerk's desk.
S Burlingham St Edmund's church old pulpit [3630] 1946-04-22
Carved and painted early 15c pulpit. Hourglass and Jacobean sounding board.
S Creake St Mary Virgin church 15c pulpit [4083] 1952-07-31
The base retaining its original colour.
Stanfield St Margaret's church interior E [7191] 1995-06-17
Jacobean pulpit with backboard and canopy. Benches have poppyheads and grotesques.
Thompson St Martin's church 3 decker pulpit [5711] 1976-08-26
14c screen and box pew.
Thurning St Andrew's church 3 decker pulpit [3945] 1950-07-27
With recessed seat and backboard and canopy.
Tibenham All Saints church Jacobean pulpit [5720] 1976-08-27
With canopy. Recess to the left of it with painting of Our Lord.
Walpole St Andrew's church pulpit and rood [6070] 1980-04-14
Late Jacobean pulpit with entrance to rood stair turret behind.
Walpole St Peter's church Jacobean pulpit [6076] 1980-04-14
With backboard and canopy.
Warham St Mary's church interior view east [5456] 1975-09-06
3 decker pulpit and box pews.
Wickhampton St Andrew's Jacobean pulpit [7352] 1996-06-23
Wilby All Saints church interior view NE [4991] 1965-08-25
The church was entirely refurnished after a fire in 1633 and retains benches, box-pews, 3 decker pulpit, altar rails and table, all in unrestored condition.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett