Norfolk Parish Photographs

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Denton St Mary's church tower from south [5704] 1976-08-24
Embedded remains of round tower in later square tower.
Denton St Mary's church east window [5702] 1976-08-24
Ancient stained glass.
Denton St Mary's church N porch roof bosses [5703] 1976-08-24
Depicting the Assumption.

Denver windmill [7094] 1993-10-31
For grinding corn. Built 1835.
Denver windmill [7847] 2001-09-01
Denver Sluice unveiled 18 Sept 1964 [7845] 2001-09-01
Denver Sluice John Rennie designer 1834 [7846] 2001-09-01
Denver St Mary's church from SE [7093] 1993-10-31
Of carstone. Late 13c. West tower.

Deopham St Andrew's church tower from SW [5779] 1977-04-30
15c tower.
Deopham St Andrew's church west door [5780] 1977-04-30
Perpendicular west window and door.

Dersingham St Nicholas' church from SE [7336] 1996-06-16
The chancel, arcades and north doorway are Decorated, the rest Perpendicular.

Dickleburgh All Saints church from NE [7293] 1995-11-26
The clerestory has battlemented parapets and gable.

Didlington St Michael All Angels church SE [7241] 1995-08-16
"Chancel of the later 13c with Victorian east window."

Dilham St Nicholas' church south side [7291] 1995-10-29
Largely rebuilt in 1931.
Dilham St Nicholas' church tower ruin [5828] 1977-06-12
Rebuilt in modern times, the church retains the base of the round tower. Used as a baptistry.

Diss Market Place and St Mary's church [4949] 1965-08-20
Diss Market Place Dolphin Inn [4948] 1965-08-20
Diss St Nicholas St Greyhound Inn [4950] 1965-08-20
Diss St Nicholas St old house corner post [4951] 1965-08-20
Diss Mere [4952] 1965-08-20
Diss St Mary's church from SE [6098] 1980-05-14
A sanctus bell turret is at east end of nave.
Diss St Mary's church interior view east [6097] 1980-05-14

Ditchingham St Mary's church from SW [7159] 1994-09-11
"Tall, unusually opulent Perpendicular west tower."
Ditchingham St Mary's church tower base S [7160] 1994-09-11
Base frieze with shields alternating with hearts surrounded by the crown of thorns.

Docking St Mary's church from NE [7177] 1994-11-25
The chancel is of early 14c. The east window having reticulated tracery.
Docking St Mary's church 14c font east side [7178] 1994-11-25

Downham Market:
Downham Market Victorian clock tower 1887 [7761] 2000-07-19
By William Cunliffe of London. Presented by James Scott 1878.
Downham Market Heritage Hall [7762] 2000-07-19
Downham Market St Edmund's church tower [7096] 1993-10-31
And spire. Built of carstone. Tower partly Early English.

Drayton 14c wayside Cross [4856] 1964-08-28
Drayton Cock Inn [B210] 1932-03-20
Drayton Horsford Rd Old Keeper's cottage [B208] 1932-03-20
Drayton Horsford Rd Old Keeper's cottage [B205] 1932-03-20
Drayton Horsford Rd Old Keeper's cottage [B206] 1932-03-20
Drayton Horsford Rd Old Keeper's cottage [B207] 1932-03-20
Drayton Red Lion PH and Cross [B209] 1932-03-20
Drayton rural scene poppy field [B609] 1933-07-02
Drayton Lodge east side [4529] 1959-09-12
Built by Sir John Fastolf in 15c.
Drayton Lodge from SE [4530] 1959-09-12
Drayton Lodge from west [4532] 1959-09-12
Drayton Lodge interior south wall [4531] 1959-09-12
Drayton St Margaret's church and pond [B213] 1932-03-20
From south.
Drayton St Margaret's church from SW [B211] 1932-03-20
Drayton St Margaret's interior view east [2952] 1939-04-10
Chancel rebuilt 1866.
Drayton St Margaret's interior view west [2955] 1939-04-10
North aisle added 1908.
Drayton St Margaret's Rood stair turret [2951] 1939-04-10
Drayton St Margaret's font west side [2953] 1939-04-10
Standing on Norman shafts.
Drayton St Margaret's chancel candelabrum [2954] 1939-04-10

Dunston view east to Caistor St Edmund [0071] 1934-03-31
From Ipswich Road.
Dunston view south from Ipswich Rd [0070] 1934-03-31
Dunston St Remigius church from NE [6740] 1991-09-15
Dunston St Remigius church from west [6739] 1991-09-15

Dunton St Peter's church from SE [5684] 1976-08-23
Dunton cum Doughton. Square west tower of 15c.

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