Norfolk Crosses

Aylmerton stone boundary Cross [5988] 1978-08-25
At the boundary with Gresham.
Binham stone wayside Cross [5854] 1977-09-09
Probably raised by monks of the nearby Benedictine priory.
Castle Rising wayside Cross [5640] 1976-08-19
Caston village Cross base [5941] 1978-08-03
Colby St Giles' church porch and Cross [6916] 1992-09-20
Fine 15c flint panelled porch. To the west of the porch is the base and stump of a Cross.
Drayton 14c wayside Cross [4856] 1964-08-28
Drayton Red Lion PH and Cross [B209] 1932-03-20
Gt Yarmouth Midsands Cross boundary Caister [4865] 1964-09-05
Marked the one-time boundary since 13c, at least.
Hargham old wayside Cross stump on A11 road [4998] 1965-08-25
Hillington wayside Cross near Hall entrance [5861] 1977-09-14
There are the remains of four crosses by the entrance to Hillington Park, two on each side of the road. Three of them consist of somewhat mutilated socket stones with 1 to 2 feet of shaft. The fourth, pictured, is complete except for the head.
Hunstanton stone wayside Cross shaft [5863] 1977-09-14
Pre-reformation. Said to have come from Old Hunstanton.
Mileham churchyard Cross [7194] 1995-06-17
West of the church.
New Buckenham Market Cross [4969] 1965-08-20
The Market Court or Toll House 17c.
New Houghton old stone cross near hall [4089] 1952-07-31
Moved to its present site when the hall was built.
N Walsham Market Cross from SW [5263] 1969-06-22
N Walsham wayside Cross on Norwich Rd [5262] 1969-06-22
At the Worstead boundary. Traditionally marks the site where Bishop Henry le Despencer defeated the peasants' revolt led by Jack Lytester in 1381.
Sharrington wayside Cross [7117] 1994-03-06
Only the pedestal and about two feet of the shaft are original.
Swaffham Market Cross [0183] 1934-08-08
Erected by the Earl of Orford in 1783. Surmounted by a statue of Ceres.
Titchwell village Cross [7274] 1995-10-01
Walsoken All Saints churchyard old Cross [7369] 1996-07-20
South side of churchyard.
Whissonsett St Mary's church stone Cross [5682] 1976-08-23
Head of pre-conquest stone Cross of interlaced wheel type. The only example in Norfolk. Dug up in the churchyard, and pictured in a niche on the south side of the chancel arch.
Wormegay village Cross and sign [7405] 1996-09-15
Wymondham Market Square and Cross [B537] 1933-04-14
Wymondham Market Cross [4334] 1955-07-12
Built in 1615 after a fire when most of the town was destroyed.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett