Norfolk Church Chests and Alms boxes

Bawburgh Ss Mary and Walstan old alms box [5784] 1977-05-21
Pillar-type alms box.
Fakenham Ss Peter and Paul 17c alms box [3952] 1950-07-28
Hindringham St Martin's church 13c chest [5851] 1977-09-09
Probably early 13c.
Litcham All Saints church mediaeval chest [5842] 1977-09-06
Probably 15c.
Paston St Margaret's church 15c chest [3782] 1949-06-05
Sedgeford St Mary's church 16c chest [5981] 1978-08-21
Arabesque and pokerwork ornamentation.
S Lopham St Andrew's church dugout chest [4959] 1965-08-20
Believed to be Norman.
Taverham St Edmund's church Jacobean chest [2949] 1939-04-10
Wilby All Saints church old alms box [4992] 1965-08-25
And bench ends.

Text and photographs copyright George Plunkett